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Fun in Philly

My wonderful boyfriend and I had a TERRIFIC time in Philadelphia for our 10 year anniversary!

It started off a little rocky but not this kind of Rocky:

Our first interaction with the city was near an art college. Everyone we saw was either a hipster, art student or homeless. It didn’t bode well for the city! But maybe we were just near the Philly version of the Pine Street Inn (Boston’s major homeless shelter… in case I lost you on that hometown reference) because we didn’t see nearly as many in other parts of the city. Also, the first piece of art looked like poo:

It was really supposed to be a giant glob of paint, but at first we didn’t see the giant paint brush over it when we were driving past it.

We really did have an awesome time though! We went on a tour of City Hall (the largest government office in the country). I LOVE guided tours that teach me something… because I’m a GIANT NERD!

T and City Hall (in the background)

We went to the Reading Terminal Market (which I think was my favorite thing… I LOVE a wide variety of foods in one place and the soft pretzels were to die for! Literally, there was probably enough butter to cause a heart attack – but they were scrumptious!)

We also saw the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall

And we did a lot of walking… T is an architect, and as the tour guide at City Hall said: “not all art is in a museum!” We looked at a TON of buildings! T simply loves it and Philly has a bunch of really neat buildings to look at, including the Masonic Hall:

Philly also has a ton of really fabulous statues:

I don’t know the real name of this statue, but I call it “butts and feet” because regardless of the angle, you see lots of butts and feet!

In fact, if I ever go back to Philly, I think I would go on a butt scavenger hunt, they have a lot of exposed butts on their statues (not saying I minded, it was just interesting). Make a game out of it, see how many one can find while there, you know? At least there were more than I’ve ever seen in any other city… and I studied abroad in Europe! (there is a statue of a kid peeing in Belgium… and they still don’t have as many derrieres as Philly).

And yes, Philly cheese steaks were had! T tried 3 from a variety of places. I did not, however… since I’m a vegetarian and all. 🙂

It was a lot of fun and I’m super glad we went! I love seeing and learning about new places. It’s a great walking city and I really recommend seeing Philly!


Back in the Swing of Things

Well… my vacation happened and it was glorious!

Besides running all over the state for Christmas, going skiing for a day in New Hampshire, and going to a football game, I didn’t really do much.

Before my week off started, I had all of these grand dreams about reorganizing the dvds, cleaning out the medicine cabinet, running and blogging every day. What did I end up doing? A whole lot of this:

I was the queen of the unproductive for an entire week! (actually… the queen of the unproductive would still have to do something, right? If this were a musical about not being productive, I’d be third chorus girl from the left, and I might have forgotten about rehearsal). I didn’t go running ONCE! I didn’t clean… well… anything out of the ordinary (I still did laundry and all of that).

It was fabulous! Yes, I feel a little guilty about not doing anything, but I certainly enjoyed sleeping late and reading for pleasure!

Now, back to real life!

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