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Run to Home Base!

I’m starting the new year off right! I’ve already signed up for another race! (which really is a little ambitious considering I haven’t even gone running since Thanksgiving – but I’ve got my gym bag packed and I’m going today!)

Luckily, this race isn’t until May 20th… so at least I have a little time. I’ve signed up for:

The Run to Home Base! (I will most likely refer to this as the Race to Home Base henceforth because seriously, I prefer it to rhyme.)

It’s a 9k through the streets of Boston ending at Fenway Park‘s home base! It’s a race to support care, treatment, and research for returning soldiers with traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress. I whole-heartedly know that I could never do what the men and women in our military have volunteered to do – but I can support them however possible! Afterall, they have most certainly EARNED some quality health care and I hope to help them get it in any way I can.

I hope it’s obvious that I’m little fired up about the cause. I’m also a little nervous about the run, as I was with the others, here and here. For very different reasons though. I’m not worried about making a good time, the website mentions that you shouldn’t focus on time because this course has a lot of bottle necks and places where runners will be held up. I’m not even worried about running the whole time. It’s longer than I usually run (5.59 miles… although I’ll work towards it until May) and it will be mostly cement, so I’m permitting myself a little walking time.

So what am I so worried about? Two things! 1) They don’t permit headphones. They claim it’s for safety reasons. Both my mother and my boyfriend said “so just wear one earbud!” I hope I can get away with that. I’ve only run without music twice. Once I had a TV at the gym so it wasn’t too terrible. The other time was outside and I managed, but I don’t know if I can make it 9k without some RuPaul, Journey, or Dropkick Murphys motivating me to go on. (ironically, I forgot my ipod today!)

2) I have to raise $1000… or they’ll have me pay it. I need to figure out some fundraising ideas!

I’m also completely open to suggestions for a fun/funny pose while they take my picture as I cross the plate! That’s the 2nd most motivating part to the race – the cause being the first, of course. I may not be much of a baseball fan, but I do live in Redsox Nation… so of course it’s pretty cool to run home in Fenway! And have a picture as proof!

So, I’m open to suggestions on how to motivate myself for the run without music and for goofy poses at the end of the race over home base!

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