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Back to School – Testing

I have a lot of strong feelings about standardized testing, but I’ll spare you. Instead, here is one of my favorite comics illustrating it.

Good luck this school year, students!

Back to School

I’m sorry for not posting a Saturday Morning Motivation… honestly, my goal for this weekend was to keep a smile on my face no matter how many times people hurt my feelings (unknowingly and not on purpose, I hope)… and that seems like a lame motivation. Was my weekend as bad as I anticipated? Yes. But there were at least a few shining moments and my boyfriend is wonderful to me… so at least there was that!

However, this is back to school week for my area! So even though I’m not going back to school this week, I thought I would dedicate a few posts to school because so many of my friends are teachers.

So here is the first one, for the teachers!

Good luck everyone! I hope you have a great school year!

Trying to Turn Disappointment Into… Well… Anything More Positive

About two weeks ago, I mentioned that I had a huge opportunity (for me) and I was trying to psych myself into it. I was very vague. Let me explain what happened.

I received an e-mail from a friend looking to hire an adjunct professor at a small, private, liberal arts college. At first I thought it sounded like a possible offer. After reading it about a dozen times, I realized it was an offer for an interview. The e-mail also included the syllabus the previous professor created and the time of the class.

I was daunted and intimidated for two main reasons. The first was the time of the class. Although it would only be a 3 hour per week job, the time of day and the way it was spread out over the week would require me to use a vacation day every week for 15 weeks (so basically all of my remaining vacation time for the year from my full-time job that pays the bills) or change my very structured hours. Hmmm…

The second daunting factor was the material. It was so highbrow and not very fun (read: not my style at all).

But I went in to the interview as prepared as I could be (I read half of the previous syllabus’s assigned homework – not bad for 2 nights of prep – and wrote down as many questions and ideas for making the class more “me” as I could).

Honestly, I’m not sure how the interview went last week. Benefits to me: the hours were still up in the air and could be changed. The syllabus needed a complete overhaul according to my friend/the head of the department. The school itself was lovely and I would have really liked to have worked there. I’m not sure how it went because I was interviewing with a friend… so of course he liked me, but did he like me for the position? I didn’t know.

We were scheduled to have a follow-up today. I may have spent the week creating a first draft of a new syllabus and a few drafts of lesson plans. Additionally, I read two books on information I’m interested in but isn’t really in my wheelhouse but would have been ideal for the class.

Today, instead of us meeting, I got an e-mail that they are hiring an internal candidate. I totally understand, but that doesn’t stop the waves of disappointment. Thinking about the lesson plans really made me want to teach them and I was excited to have students again (I was a high school drama teacher for a brief stint).

I try to stick to positive thinking… so how can I re-frame this experience?

  • It has shown me how much I really want this as my career
  • It has shown me that I should have more faith in myself – something that seems daunting at first can be learned and mastered
  • I’m better at writing a syllabus and lesson plans than I thought
  • I have a broader set of topics to teach than I thought I had
  • I get all my vacation days back…

I still don’t know how I can convince anyone (with hiring abilities) of a few of these things though.

I’m trying to “pick myself up and dust myself off.” It’s time to revise my self-image and refocus my actions.

Maybe what I can take away from this is that it’s time to be serious and go after what I want!

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