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Sunday Morning Snark – I Can Be Anything

As the balance to yesterday, here’s my snarkiness for the week! 🙂

Have a great day!


Sunday Morning Snark – The Phone

Since yesterday’s motivation was about the joys of social interactions, I thought this might be appropriate for the counterpart’s snarkiness:

I also totally agree with the message! I’m TERRIBLE about listening to my voicemail. If I see that you’ve called, I’m just going to call you back, I’m not going to listen to the message. It’s lame, I know, but completely true.

Sunday Morning Snark – Procrastination

And the counterbalance to yesterday‘s optimism:

Have a nice Sunday!


Sunday Morning Snark – It’s for a Reason

(I’m hoping I’m making some good decisions this weekend – how’s your weekend going?)

Sunday Morning Snark – Grammar Matters

This doesn’t have anything to do with yesterday’s motivation; but I saw it on Facebook, loved it, and thought I would share. I hope you also get a kick out of it.

Sunday Morning Snark – Reading

Because of all the reading this weekend, I feel like I need to make fun of myself for being a nerd:

I don’t wear glasses (yet?) but I do love reading in poor lighting conditions! I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog (where I stole the pictures from), there are a TON of cute jokes about nerds, I totally recommend it!

I am totally THIS kind of nerd:

Sunday Morning Snark – Snow

I’ve been enjoying skiing this weekend so I thought I would toss in a little winter humor.

Have a great Sunday!

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