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Just a quick hello


It’s been crazy around here. First, let me say that I absolutely love Baby Girl. Wholly and completely.

I’m also super exhausted! She’s 7 weeks old today and the first 5 weeks were a super struggle! She hasn’t quite learned that she’s a separate person. For the first 5 weeks, she would scream and cry if I so much as put her down for a minute. Every trip to the bathroom had a soundtrack of screaming… (unless T was home or someone was visiting who could hold her – she’s not just a mama’s girl, she’ll enjoy being held by anyone and everyone… but she won’t enjoy being put down. If I even put her down while she was asleep, she’d wake up and pitch a fit.) And not only did she prefer to be snuggled, she prefered to have a nice movement involved. I’ve spent lots of time swaying, bouncing, dancing, and pacing around my house.

Things are improving though! She’s taking a nap by herself right now! It’s the second one today. The first only last 30 minutes, but I’ll take it.

So while it’s been interesting giving all of my time and energy to someone else, I really shouldn’t complain too much. She’s usually a good night sleeper. Most nights, she’ll sleep from 11-6 (with a few meal breaks in the middle) and I will take it! I’m super grateful for that!

Life is good right now and getting better. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from me soon.


One month old


Sunday Morning Snark – I Can Be Anything

As the balance to yesterday, here’s my snarkiness for the week! 🙂

Have a great day!

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