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Vibrams New… Shoes?

One of my friends brought this to my attention from the Vibrams Facebook page and I immediately thought of Jill at Now of course, this doesn’t count as jogging in jeans at all and probably has no place on her blog, but these are made by a running shoe company so I at least had to share!

These are so ridiculous that I can’t even think of anything funny to say about them! So I invite you to!

Can you come up with any silly one-liners about this… uh… footwear?


Oh My God – Shoes!

Was I the only one obsessed with this video 6 years ago?

But today’s topic is absolutely SHOES!

My running sneakers have died, most certainly. Running sneakers are supposed to last for 300-500 miles, I’m pretty sure I’ve put at least 800 miles on this pair:

A bit dirty after the Color Run


Those are my Saucony Ride 4s. And they were a great pair of shoes and I didn’t have a single injury until recently… Once I wore them out I started getting blisters and some muscle pains. I knew it was time for new ones. But Saucony has made some changes and I wanted to try on the Ride 5s before deciding to purchase them (which eliminated my desire to just buy them online).

When I first bought this pair, I just went to a store at the mall and found a pair on sale that felt good. Seriously… my qualifier was that I wanted a pair of shoes that weren’t too cheap but were also affordable in case I didn’t stick with the running thing. I lucked out because if I remember correctly, my 4s were 40% off. I wasn’t so sure about the bright blue though, I was looking for understated… but they felt the most comfortable and I loved the price, so I sucked it up and bought loud running shoes.

So when my beloved shoes wore out, I knew I wanted the same type. Why mess with something that’s working well? I went to a general shoe store (in fact, it’s called the the Shoe Barn) that was listed on the Saucony website as a distributor. I stayed way late at work and arrived at the She Barn 20 minutes before it closed. I didn’t feel that guilty because I knew what I wanted. I thought I would be in and out in under 10 minutes. WRONG! They didn’t carry the Rides! “Because the colors are too outrageous.” Lame! So they sold me some Echelons instead…

Just as a fun fact, the Rides are a neutral shoe. If you’re not a runner, that means that when my foot lands on the ground, I don’t need a lot of stability in the shoe to ward off my foot rolling (most women roll in, because of the severe angle our femurs deal with because of our hips). The Echelons are for pronators. The store didn’t mention to me that the Rides are neutral… so when they suggested I buy the Echelons, I figured most women are pronators and I went with it. Even though they look like old lady orthopedic shoes (and I mean no offense to any pronators out there)

There isn’t really an arch on the bottom of the shoe

I went to my office gym the next day and gave them a test run on a treadmill. I was planning to run 1 mile but it only took about .25 to know these were not the shoes for me! They felt like I had fist-sized rocks in my shoe! Ow! My director of marketing happened to be in the gym with me and he suggested that I return the Echelons STAT and go to Marathon Sports (a real running store… along the route of the Boston Marathon). “Since it’s on your way home anyway.” (It wasn’t on my way home, per se, but I could drive home past it and it was well worth the detour.)

So I popped over to Marathon Sports and told the (let’s guess 19 year old) guy my story about the Barn. He was appalled that a company sold me a running shoe without figuring out my gait first. “That’s irresponsible!” In the Barn’s defense, I’m sure their average customer is a house wife buying really expensive shoes (sneakers, sandals, dress shoes) for her children – it’s just in that kind of neighborhood… and that’s a decent description of the person who first recommended that store to my wonderful boyfriend and I.

I was supposed to be meeting the wonderful boyfriend and a friend, so I didn’t have a ton of time at Marathon Sports. I didn’t do the gait analysis, but I love the Rides! The 5 felt just as good as the 4!

Then, the adorable little sales rep says to me “I never get to do this but I can actually offer you a choice of color. We usually don’t carry multiple colors of styles, but with the Ride, you can choose these or these.” The first choice was a pale grey with blue accents and the second pair was magenta with chartreuse accents. Can you guess which I chose?

That’s right, I chose the CRAZY LOUD pair! Who have I become?! I LOVE them! Although the first time I ran in them all I wanted to do was stare at my feet. And a tiny girl (3, maybe 4, years old) on my running path commented about them to her mother. I didn’t hear the exact words, but she was cooing!  🙂

Oh… and I may have bought these on the same day: (at a different store, obviously)

There’s a lot of shoe love going on in my house right now!

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