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Fitness Idea

One thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is how hard it is to motivate yourself to exercise when you don’t feel comfortable about your body, especially when you have to exercise around other people. It’s so easy to worry if others will judge us as harshly as we judge ourselves.

Also, I was talking with some friends about a friend of ours who is struggling. This friend is extremely overweight (I’m guessing she weighs about 400 lbs) and struggles to take weight off because her knees hurt so much. It’s a vicious cycle: her knees hurt because she’s so overweight and she remains so overweight because her knees hurt. Which made me start thinking, isn’t it terribly sad that swimming, the activity that grants the greatest amount of buoyancy (and less joint strain) is also the activity that requires the least about of clothing and the most amount of skin showing?! So in order to exercise in that environment, one also has to overcome the greatest amount of self-esteem issues?

It really got me thinking. I wish that a chain gym would pop up to address that issue. I feel like Curves (and all of the other gyms in that vein) popped up to address the issue that lots of women feel uncomfortable working out in front of men. I wonder if a pool that encouraged people to wear shorts and t-shirts instead of speedos would be well received?

I know I would love that right now! Especially if I didn’t have to buy a swim cap and goggles. I’m not a serious swimmer but would enjoy having somewhere to comfortably swim right now… without any judgment.

Additionally, it would be great if I didn’t have to get over my issues to just BUY an outfit, let alone use it. Granted, I’m pregnant, so my issues of size may pale in comparison, but I least I can sympathize with the issue.

Good luck to anyone else feeling this way! And have you ever heard of a pool like this? (if so, I hope it’s in Massachusetts!)


Saturday Morning Motivation – Strength

Today, I’m running the Diva Dash, which is a women-only obstacle 5k. I know I can do the 5k, no problem. It’s the 11 obstacles that I’m not so sure about. Yes, I’ve been doing more strength training at the gym for the past month, but I would still say that my upper body strength is laughable. Hmmm…

Well, here’s to trying new things and to believing in one’s untested abilities!

Good luck this weekend with whatever you’re up to!

Saturday Morning Motivation – Trust Yourself

I may be feeling a little guilty about quitting… but I need to believe in myself and realize I know what’s best for myself. And it might not be the easy choice to let people down, but it’s better than making myself sick for them.

Does this “poster” motivate you or apply to you, too?

Don’t Get Discouraged!

The second week of January is quickly ending… which means there is a good chance that you’re getting discouraged about your resolutions. Hold on! Be strong! You can do it!

If your running goals are hinged on weight loss it can be very easy to lose momentum. I love the show the Biggest Loser (guilty pleasure, I admit), but I think that show can help create unrealistic goals. It’s easy to watch that show and then wonder why you can’t drop 20 pounds in a week.

This could still BE you, just give yourself a realistic time frame!

And I ask you:

  • Did you cut down your food intake to 1/3 rd of what you ate before (possibly less)? (I’m guessing they are on a very low-calorie diet based on rumors I have heard… not on fact!)
  • Is working out and exercising your job and sole focus of your day?
  • Do you have an awesomely motivating, professional trainer?

No? Then stop being hard on yourself when you don’t drop weight like someone on that show!

I personally find that checking my scale all the time actually demotivates me. So I stopped doing it. I checked my weight before I began running regularly in June, when I checked my weight again in October, I had only lost 3 pounds! (I haven’t checked since October, the holidays can be brutal and I don’t need the hit to my self-esteem, I’ll check again next month.) Now, I will admit that I’m pretty small (I don’t have 100 pounds to lose) so 3 pounds was actually kind of nice for me. However, there was another reason that I only lost 3, and you may find that you have the same reason.

After running, I would say things like:

  • “Oh, I went running today so I can have an extra/another brownie.”
  • “I think I’ll have some cookies.” (I don’t even really like cookies!)
  • “Wow, that run left me STARVING (lie!) I should snack before dinner.”

Stuff like that was not helping me lose weight. And I would be willing to bet that I lost those 3 pounds pretty late into my running spree, because it took me awhile to stop splurging!

I LOVE the Cookie Monster, but I know I shouldn't BECOME him!

So I would recommend to lay off the scale if it’s not helping motivate you to work out. Instead, try to just enjoy your workout (which isn’t always so easy to do in a stinky gym alone: maybe try to find a friend to go with you or get outside if you can). Also notice and revel in the small changes.

My favorite change was that my non-existent, flabby butt is pretty rocking now and makes my pants look GOOD! That’s what I think about when I’m needing a reason to go to the gym. Other positive changes:

  • My pants aren’t too tight anymore
  • My  love-handles have tightened up
  • I feel calm and happy after running

I wish you luck in finding a positive, small change in yourself to give you a boost when you need it! Share it here if you’d like. I’d love to be your cheerleader!

Toss out your discouraging scale! Focus on the positive changes in yourself!

Afraid of the Gym?

Hi! Have you found my blog because you’re one of the many people searching for motivation to go to the gym? Was it your New Years Resolution and now you’re second guessing yourself? Welcome!

Last night, I finally returned to the gym after a short hiatus and I was thinking about all of the people who are starting to go to the gym this month after their own hiatus. Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS!

If you’re not familiar with me, let me tell you about my own sordid work outs. In December 2010, I started the Couch to 5k program… by myself on the treadmill at my gym. I made it about 5 weeks before school started up and I quit going to the gym. During spring break, I went back, I started around week 4 and made it to about week 7 before giving up again because life got in the way (and let’s face it, the treadmill isn’t that fun). When nice weather came around in June, I started running outside on a trail near my house. I loved it! I ran when I felt like and I walked when I felt like it and I felt that people didn’t see me long enough to judge me. I still think the Couch to 5k program is great and I totally recommend it to people even if I wasn’t really able to finish the program per se… but I ran two 5ks last year… so I sort of finished the program, right? I never really considered myself a “runner” though. But I will own up to the fact that I wasn’t afraid of the gym anymore.

I like going to a gym in my office building now that’s cold (instead of the giant, warehouse-like gym that I pay for near my house). I also like going to the office gym because it’s usually empty. I haven’t gone running since Thanksgiving, it was time to get back into it! And last night was the night! Before the holidays, I had lost my access card to my office and had to get another one. In order to get into the gym, the access card has to be put on an approved list (we have to sign something that says we can’t sue if we hurt ourselves in the office gym). I wasn’t sure if my new card had my old card’s approval, so I popped by the gym before getting ready to make sure I could get in. Unfortunately, I saw that the gym was pretty full (with people I work with everyday!)

While I was changing into my gym clothes, I was actually freaking out a little bit. How out of shape had I gotten? Would I make a fool of myself? Etc. And I had only been away for 41 days! I can completely sympathize with the gut wrenching fear one might feel after being away for a long time!

So I want to offer you a few positive thoughts before you find yourself in a locker room, clutching your sock, wondering if you should just go home (that may be personal experience talking).

  1. Lots of people are starting out at the gym as resolutions. It’s not like you’ll be in a room filled with fit people and you’ll be suffering alone. Most of the people there will be new to the gym! You’ll all be starting out together!
  2. The treadmill blows! Even someone who is rocking it out, is mostly cursing out that they are on the treadmill at all, and they are cursing out the treadmill!
  3. You’re there for YOU! Not them, so don’t worry about them!
  4. Most people aren’t actually caring about you because they are thinking about their own workout.

In fact, here is a short list of things that I think about at the gym that actually have anything to do with the people around me:

  • Wow! She’s running really fast! Oh… oh, she’s getting off the treadmill! After only 10 minutes! Yes! She may be faster, but I can stay on here longer! (even if your longer is only 20 minutes)
  • I wonder if the person next to me is thinking I’m doing a good job. Do I look good on this treadmill? I feel like I do!
  • Yay, I’m not the slowest person in here ANY MORE!

See? They’re all really about me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people were like that too. Please don’t feel that all eye s are on you… because they most likely aren’t!

Don’t get discouraged! No one is judging you the way you think they are! I’ve been there: thinking everyone thinks I look like a fool. In reality, no one cares how you look!

Good luck!

I’ve posted these motivational posters before, but they are my favorite, so I wanted to share them again. They are my gym mantras and I hope they help you out!

And a new one that I love:

Good luck!

Oh, and as a really sad note, I used to be able to run 5 miles without walking. Last night I could run 1 before needing a break. If you’ve had a hiatus, you might not be as fit as you once were, but if you still with it, you’ll be back to where you want to be!

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