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Flowchart for Summer Reading

Let’s be real, if you’re reading my blog, there is a really good chance that you’re a bit on the nerdy side and like to read (as do I). I feel this way because these are some of my most popular posts:

So I’m thinking that you may really enjoy this flowchart from (and even if you like it here, you might want to click on the link because I’m sure they would love the page views, too):

So what do you think? Did this help you add any books to your summer reading list? I sure added some to mine.




Saturday Morning Motivation – Learning

This weekend is all about research for me! (woo homework!)

I love this sentiment!

What is your weekend going to be all about? What do you consider yourself to be passionately curious about?

Sunday Morning Snark – Reading

Because of all the reading this weekend, I feel like I need to make fun of myself for being a nerd:

I don’t wear glasses (yet?) but I do love reading in poor lighting conditions! I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog (where I stole the pictures from), there are a TON of cute jokes about nerds, I totally recommend it!

I am totally THIS kind of nerd:

Saturday Morning Motivation – Reading

Today, I need to kick it into high gear with homework! It’s all about reading today!

One of the benefits of getting a degree in theater is that I don’t have to read boring text books, I get to read plays – about people! **Nerd alert! With a really good book or play, I feel like the characters almost become friends. It’s wonderful!

Let’s get reading! Are you reading any books right now? (obviously not at this moment; at this moment, you’re reading my blog). What’s your favorite book?

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