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Sunday Morning Snark – Procrastination

And the counterbalance to yesterday‘s optimism:

Have a nice Sunday!



I Am Struggling!

This was originally intended to be a blog about how I motivate myself (and as another outlet to use to motivate myself) while struggling with being super busy.

I graduated with my Masters degree in May. Which I talked about ad nausem. And since then, my busy-ness factor has severely dropped. When I was going to school, my coworkers (at my full-time, office job) would always ask why I was going to school. One can’t say “because I don’t want to be working here forever and I’m trying to educate myself into a position I can truly love.” So instead, I would say “I’m just trying to keep myself out of trouble.” In reality, I was keeping myself IN “trouble”. I wasn’t at home like a lump watching tv (which I am often wont to do) – I was out experiencing life.

I have also mentioned a ton of times that I believe that “an object in motion stays in motion” also applies to people. Well, my busy activities are dwindling and so is my running.

I keep finding reasons not to run:

  • My shoes make my legs hurt (I did buy new shoes which I promise to post about soon!)
  • I have poison ivy
  • I like seeing my wonderful boyfriend and he goes to bed soooo early! (I’m an evening runner because I’m not a morning person)
  • It looks like it might rain…
  • I don’t like my running path, I’m bored with it

And what the problem really is is that my motivation and reason for running has left. When I was busy, I liked running because it kept me feeling busy. Plus, it was some serious alone time with myself to sort out all of the stuff that was going on in my head (work, school, etc). Right now, my mind is feeling particularly without clutter. So I’m feeling more inclined to watch tv or read a book to entertain my calm mind.

I really need to find a new reason to get back out there… Or I need to find another hobby to replace grad school that stresses me out and makes me feel like I need some peaceful time to myself to sort my life out… hmmm….

Do you have any suggestions?

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