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Baby Feeding – Nursing

This is another ones of those I wrote months ago and never published…

This post is for any pregnant woman looking for odd tips on breastfeeding or anyone who is struggling with a newborn and feeding. If anyone else wants to read about my odd trials and tribulations, feel free!

When I was pregnant, I was certain I wanted to give the nursing thing a real shot. I knew it would be hard (thanks to friends and and I think that really helped going into it. However, I thought it would be hard because everything was painful (and it was) but I didn’t realize that the hardest part would be that the baby wouldn’t know what she was doing. I thought at least one of us would have a clue on what was going on. Nope! Not the case. She was just as lost as I was.

My wonderful boyfriend came up with some clever ideas to convince the baby to latch and I want to share them with anyone else who might be struggling. First though, I feel that I should mention a few things:

  • The baby was perfectly healthy without any issues (she wasn’t tongue-tied, she wasn’t preemie, etc.)
  • I had no physical issues (i.e. my nipples were big enough and I didn’t need a shield or anything like that)
  • We have a doula in the family and she HATED our technique. She would tell you not to listen to me. She feared our technique would lead to the dreaded “nipple confusion!” (Note, it never did… but maybe we were just lucky. Or maybe you’re like us and right now you’re so desperate you don’t care and you’re willing to try anything.)
  • Also, I’m not a doctor or a lactation consultant, so this is just anecdotal advice from some an amateur. 🙂

The baby came home with us from the hospital on a Thursday. In the hospital, with the lactation consultants around, feeding her seemed possible. Being at home was another story. By Friday night, with no substantial luck in feeding her, the baby was losing her mind. She was frantic and inconsolable. She was sobbing from hunger and frustration and I was also crying from frustration. It all seemed so hard for something that is supposedly natural! Meanwhile, my wonderful boyfriend, T, was constantly by our sides, trying to remain patient and put us together like puzzle pieces.

Eventually he talked me into trying to pump (luckily my health insurance had covered a Medela breast pump and it had come home with us from the hospital as well). I pumped maybe an ounce (which now seems paltry but it felt like a gallon back then). We fed the baby with the bottle – problem solved! She was a happy baby!

On Saturday: I would pump and then we would feed her a little bit with the bottle until she was calm (really just a few sips). Once she was calm, we’d get her to nurse. (swapping the bottle out for me)

On Sunday: We’d offer her both the bottle and me, at the same time, side by side. She’d get the idea and we’d slip the bottle out of her mouth before she’d start eating.

On Monday (she was one week old): We would drop some of the pumped milk on my nipple, and she would take to nursing right away.

On Tuesday: We were no longer pumping and using that milk to convince her. We were just nursing and getting better at it day by day.

This makes it all sound so easy, but it still wasn’t perfect. I would say it took us until she was about 10 days old to really get into the swing of things and even then her latches weren’t perfect. But it really helped me to stick with it when I knew she was eating and wasn’t maniacal from hunger pains. Now she’s almost 8 months old and nursing is a breeze! (She’s over a year now and I’m trying to wean her! She won’t give it up! Funny how things have changed.)

10 days old and passed out with a full tummy!!! Also, I LOVED "My Brest Friend" - the green pillow in the picture.

10 days old and passed out with a full tummy!!! Also, I LOVED “My Brest Friend” – the green pillow in the picture.

Good luck!!!!

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer anything I can.



Happy Father’s Day

“When I hear people talk about juggling, or the sacrifices they make for their children, I look at them like they’re crazy, because ‘sacrifice’ infers that there was something better to do than being with your children.” — Chris Rock

I found that quote  on The Huffington Post’s The Truth About Being a Dad, According to 14 Really Funny Famous Guys

Daddy makes the best mattress/napping buddy

Daddy makes the best mattress/napping buddy


Shoulder ride

Kisses for daddy

Kisses for daddy

walk in the woods

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Not Balancing It All (and I kind of don’t want to)


I found this on Pinterest:

I found this on Pinterest:

As you may have noticed, I don’t blog much anymore. Please don’t take it personally though, I also don’t often respond to e-mails, texts, phone calls, or Facebook messages.

For the longest time, when someone asked why I didn’t write back to an e-mail or missed something on Facebook, I was saying “I haven’t figured out how to balance everything now that I have the baby.” But then one day I realized, I don’t want to “figure it all out.” Because in reality, I basically have figured out what I want. I want to spend time with Baby Girl not my computer. I like paying complete attention to her when I’m around her and work has been too busy for me to post/e-mail/message during the work day… which may have been my previous M.O. Shhh, don’t tell my boss that’s how I was spending my lunch hour… or slow Friday afternoons… (hopefully work will slow down again soon and I can go back to that).

I work full-time and with commuting, dropping her off and picking her up, and working, I only spend about 2 hours per day with her awake (when we’re not getting dressed or are driving in the car). And for a long time, she and I had the same bed time – now she goes to bed at 9 pm and I got to bed at 10:30. Theoretically I could spend that 90 minutes e-mailing, but I usually spend it relaxing with a book or some TV. I’m a tired, selfish jerk; I admit it! 😉

And on weekends, I clean the house during her naps and play with her when she’s awake.

So, yeah, it may be unpopular, but I would rather push her on her little musical car for hours than play on Facebook…

"Hey mom, let's do this!"

“Hey mom, let’s do this!”


So that’s my truth. I’m madly in love with hanging out with my daughter! And I simply don’t get enough time to do it!

* In the triangle above, I have picked “happy kid” and “my sanity” – my house is a mess!

** Yes, she’s wearing a tutu in the picture above. She took off the socks that look like ballet slippers though. 😉

Body Image – Part 4

I’ve finally hit the point where I feel huge. I feel like I waddle everywhere. In my last preggo update I was about to be tested for gestational diabetes. I passed! I don’t have it! Yay! When I got the results, my wonderful boyfriend and I celebrated with a cookie… seems reasonable, no?

My latest physical obsession: My ankles. Or rather, my cankles. This process started slowly… I would come home from work at the end of the day and I felt like I had muffin tops over my socks.

picture this… but as my calves over my socks

And it was weird… but that phase has long passed. After the muffin top ankles, I lost my ankle bones on the inside. Then I lost the ankle bones on the outside. I miss seeing those bones. I hope they come back someday. Now I have puffy ankles… and puffy feet (seriously, I think my feet are an inch taller on the top!) and puffy little toes. This little piggy isn’t going to the market or going wee, wee, wee. It’s staying home, elevated, on the couch! I’ve grown out of all but one pair of shoes. Luckily T’s 11-year-old niece has bigger feet than I do, so I was gifted a pair of shoes that she grew out of. Yay!

How I feel physically: Generally, I’m feeling good, but tired. Because of the move (and my regular yoga class was cancelled), I’ve missed about a month of yoga classes and I can feel it! I’m starting to get all of those lame aches and pains associated with pregnancy, but nothing major so I’m not complaining!

My current bit of crazy worry: We started our childbirth classes last Sunday. We were 20 minutes late and forgot to bring the recommended pillows and yoga mat, but remembered snacks… sigh, I’m sure this hints towards some “awesome” parenting skills… We missed the introductions so we don’t know when the 7 other couples are due, but I feel like I have the smallest belly in the room (T agrees). I worry a lot about my pregnancy weight. I feel enormous, but everyone says I look small. My doctor said that by my due date, I should gain 25-35 pounds. I have a month left to go and I’ve already gained 32 pounds (I’m pretty sure 10 of those pounds are in my ankles and feet alone though). It’s rough to feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to and still not be doing it right.

On a related note, they’ve started to “weigh” Booger. On the bell curve of baby weight, Booger is around the 30%. The doctor is ok with this (they only worry at 10%), but it made me really nervous. Do I need more vitamins? What aren’t I doing that I should be doing? A minor spiral of crazy happened. And then I thought about it a little more rationally. As a child, I was always below average for weight. No eating disorders, I just have tiny little bones (like my parents). As a fun example, I learned once that the average female ring size is a 7, most jewelers don’t carry a ring below a size 5 and I wear a 3 1/2. Yeah… little bones! So I shouldn’t be too surprised that a child I would create would be small as well.

My current bit of additional crazy happy thought: I still have an “innie” belly button! It’s super shallow but it’s not an outie!

Booger’s Movement: Still super active (which actually does make the doctor really happy – she’s says it’s a better indicator than weight, so I should stop my worrying). We’ve started to be able to see Booger move (without the ultrasound)! Such a trip! Booger also gets the hiccups a lot (websites say it doesn’t bother Booger, but I hate when I get the hiccups, so I can’t image that he/she likes them!) As of last week, I can now watch Booger’s hiccups (my belly bounces) – so odd!

Food: No odd food cravings as of yet. Everyone asks, but nope – I’m still loving everything I’ve always normally loved and I’m happy with variety. I will admit that I have eaten pickles and ice cream… but I’ve been doing that since I was 7, so I don’t think it counts!

Pictures: I’m super behind on these. I was trying to do every odd week, but with fixing up the new house and then the move, I missed a week… so now it’s random weeks whenever I happen to remember…

I tucked in the shirt a little to better highlight the belly

I tucked in the shirt a little to better highlight the belly

After some home renovations, hence the crazy hair (I literally cropped a mountain of tools out of this picture). Also it's a sneak peak to the new paint job in our kitchen!

After some home renovations, hence the crazy hair (I literally cropped a mountain of tools out of this picture). Also it’s a sneak peak to the new paint job in our kitchen!

And for a little comparison:

Only a 3 week difference, but I feel like the belly got so much bigger! Plus, both pictures feature the "I'm not really awake yet" face!

Only a 3 week difference, but I feel like the belly got so much bigger! Plus, both pictures feature the “I’m not really awake yet” face!

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