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No Thanksgiving Run…

Last year, I ran a 5k for MS on Thanksgiving Day… this year I wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, I managed to catch two mega colds this month that just wouldn’t quit. I feel like I’ve been super sick for almost the whole month. Both were respiratory so I just couldn’t imagine running. I haven’t run at all in the month of November, total bummer.

Why did I want to run this race so much?

  1. Thanksgiving races feel a little different. Like everyone is a little extra jovial.
  2. MS means something to me. Last year I ran with the names of people I know with MS on my back. I planned to do the same this year. I’ve also learned about more people in my life affected by MS and I wanted to add the names of their loved ones with MS to the list on my back as well. I may not know the loved one with MS, but it affects my dad/friend/boss/co-worker and I want to offer the little support to them that I can by offering a little nod to their loved one.

I blurred their last names, just in case they might prefer that. This was taken after the race.

I felt terrible not making it to this run: even though the course is absolutely the worst one I’ve ever encountered, the cause is so worth it. All day on Thanksgiving, I thought about those in my life dealing with MS. Every year, I give thanks for my health, and it just makes me sad that they can’t… I really hope some day they can!

So when my friend posted on Facebook that she was thankful for this study, curing a mouse of MS and giving her real hope for the first time in a while… well, I may have actually teared up.

Good luck to everyone dealing with MS! I hope this cure in mice is able to be replicated on human cells so that you have a cure someday in the near future! And next year, I look forward to being back on that course trying to help the cause!


Go Around Again!

On (that blog I mentioned here), someone said it is best to sign up for another race right after completing your first, otherwise you might lose momentum and never run another race. So that’s what I’ve done!

At 9 am on Thanksgiving morning (I don’t eat turkey anyway so it’s not a big deal to me) I will be running:

I’m excited and nervous for this one as well.

Nervous because it will be cold, early in the morning, and I think this one has elevation. Also, I don’t think anyone will be out there cheering me on like the first one. Tavis says he will, but I feel like that’s a little cruel on my part to ask someone to stand out in the cold early in the morning on a holiday.

I’m excited because it’s another 5k, but also because of the cause. One of my longtime friends (since high school) was diagnosed with MS this year. She writes a great blog about it and I invite you to check it out. Additionally, I have 2 cousins and a great aunt who have (had – the great aunt has passed) MS. Plus, I understand having lousy neuro issues as stated here and here. Although my issues are child’s play compared to MS and that’s why I’m excited to support this. Did I ever mention that I got the results back from my MRI and I don’t have a brain tumor? Well, it’s true!

If you’d like to donate to my run, please check out my page here.

Sorry for the million and a half links in this one!

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