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Moving Day Recap

Well, it’s official! We are 100% out of our rental and into our new home! Moving day was… interesting… (rough!)

First things first, the weather was gorgeous! There were a few weekends in March where it actually snowed. This weekend was in the high 50s and perfectly sunny.

We had a bunch of friends and family coming to our rental at noon to help us move everything out and then we had additional friends and family joining the group at the new house to help everyone unload everything (our rental was too small to fit everyone…).

We woke up early and decided to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed being nostalgic and talking about all the good things that happened to us in that house during the 4 1/2 years we lived there. My wonderful boyfriend got a new job (that he loves), I started and finished grad school while living there, we both turned 30 in that house, and it was our first apartment together (he had joined me in my previous apartment after his lease ended and we waited for mine to end) but this was the first place we picked together; among many, many other memories.

My wonderful boyfriend also made commemorative “good-bye” pancakes (because he makes the best pancakes and we’ve spent a lot of Saturday mornings enjoying them in that house – one of the good things we were nostalgic about was him finding that awesome recipe) while I packed a few more boxes. We ate, and then ran out to Home Depot to buy the last few things we needed for the move or for the first night in the new place.

While at Home Depot though, I started getting contractions… and was so uncomfortable the entire time we were there. When we got in the car to head over to UHaul to rent our truck, I finally said something to T. Basically, I asked him to help me time my contractions. I still have 8 weeks to go and this wasn’t the best news. If the timing was inconsistent, the contractions would just be Braxton-Hicks contractions and I could ignore them as “rehearsal contractions.” If the timing was consistent, I’d be heading to the hospital to hopefully stop preterm labor. It was a little scary for a second there.

Luckily the timing was inconsistent. And basically, T told me that I needed to stop worrying and stressing out (we were NOT completely packed… like at ALL and I hate asking friends to help and then just have them stand around, waiting). He would stress for both of us and when we got home, I needed to have a seat and a glass of water. 

However, because everything took a little longer than expected, people were already arriving at our house when we got there. So I started bouncing around, prepping things, packing things, helping people, giving directions, etc. I HATE not doing my fair share of the work (and I’m terrible at accepting that I’m not the same as I was 8-ish months ago). As soon as T saw what I was doing, he took me into our bedroom with a few boxes and locked me in there alone. That way, I wouldn’t try to help everyone else, I could sit on the bed and focus on packing the room in the house that still needed the most work.

In the end, everything took much longer than expected. My mother and my sister-in-law had to pack much of my kitchen for me. I cried from stress way more times than I would like to admit (but luckily T always managed to be there to hug me and tell me not to worry), and I never went into preterm labor (mega-bonus!). Our friends and family were awesome! We got most things over on Saturday, but went back with T’s brother, father, and sister-in-law on Sunday for the last truckload.

I’m so thankful for our loved ones!

If I can offer any advice it would be this: don’t move when you’re 32 weeks pregnant! (although lots of ladies have told me it’s better to move when pregnant than when you have a baby…)

The cats went through their own bit of trauma and I feel like I should share their experience in a separate post.

Moving Day!

Today is our moving day! We’ve packed our boxes. We’re loading the U-Haul today and we’ll be off to the new place!

Wish us luck!

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