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I meant to post about this days ago, but I’ve totally been dragging!

I’d like to invite all of the men who read this to participate in MOvember (or the women to encourage their men to do this). “Mo” is Australian slang for mustache and MOvember is a movement to “help change the face of men’s health.” Technically, September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (I was wrong on FaceBook), but MOtember sounds dumb.

So, what am I talking about? In the month of November, to help spread awareness about men’s cancers, men start off the month cleanly shaven, but don’t shave their mustache for the rest of the month. Then, as you (because I’m inviting you to participate) start to look like Tom Selleck:

or a total creepster:

Actually my boyfriend with his "Stanley Cup 'Stache."

depending on the type of mustache you grow, people will start asking you what’s happening on your face.  And you can tell them that you’re “changing the face of men’s health!” You can also tell them:


To learn more, check out:

or watch this:


I hope you’ll participate! (and get regular check ups by your doctor!)


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