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Ten Tales of T – Day 6 – Quotes on Love


To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my boyfriend, I’m dedicating 10 posts to him. You can read more about it here.

Today, I’m just going to share with you some of my favorite quotes about love, because I don’t have a lot of time. T and I are about to leave for a mini-vacation! I had hours of rehearsal on our actual anniversary, but he’s such a good sport, he was willing to accept a “rain date.” So we’re taking a long weekend and running off to Philadelphia. I’ve never been there before so I’m really excited! Plus, T is a really good travel buddy. 

So here are some of my favorite quotes about love (and I’m silly… so most of them are too):

“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” ~ Charlie Brown (I love this one because I LOVE peanut butter)

“All that matters in a relationship is that you like the same pizza toppings.” ~The Simpsons

“Real elation is when you feel like you could touch a star without standing on tiptoe.” ~Doug Larson

“Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” ~Oscar Wilde

I know I have better ones, but T is packing the car, so it’s time to go! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


Ten Tales of T – Day 5 – Fav Photo

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I’m dedicating 10 posts to him. Check out the first one (with more explanation).

This is my very first, favorite photo of us.  This picture was taken at the farewell dinner while we were studying in London, we flew home 2 days later. The crown on my head (and the streamer) is from one of the holiday crackers. They distributed the crackers with desert, and we all got a little crazy with them.

Holiday Cracker example

This picture is also where I really started my “silly picture” phase. After a semester of smiling in everyone’s pictures, I was sick of it, I wanted silly pictures! I still love silly pictures and most people who have taken a picture with me in the last decade know it (it’s gotten particularly worse in the last 3 years, I would say).  My thought is: would you rather see a plastic smile on everyone’s face or see everyone having fun? I vote for having fun! The silly pictures make me laugh every time I see them. Plus, at my memorial service when I’m gone, I’d prefer 80% silly pictures of me! I’d prefer to be remembered for having enjoyed my time!

In this picture, you can’t quite tell, but I’m licking T’s face. And the reason I love this picture is because of his expression. To me, it completely reads as “yes, I know she’s ridiculous… and yet, I find her irresistible!” 🙂

Our relationship is still totally like this picture. He knows I rock the “crazy-pants” but he loves me passionately anyway (in spite of my “crazy-pants” behavior? hmm… because of!).

Ten Tales of T – Day 4

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I’m dedicating 10 posts to him and our relationship. If you want to read the first three days, you can check them out here, here, and here.

For today’s post, I’m going to jump ahead in time a bit (about a year and half) from the last post. This is one of my all time favorite memories even though it’s about a really lousy day. But it was the first time I could clearly see how much I loved T and how glad I was that he was in my life and how wonderfully he treated me.

He and I both studied abroad in London together for a semester. At our school, our London study abroad program was a little different from any of the other study abroad programs offered by the school. The juniors and seniors in the theater department pretty much just picked up and moved to London along with a professor every other year. The school rented out an entire hostel, rented classrooms at the University of London, and hired a few teachers. And then we watched a LOT of theater (as in 6 days a week… it was a lot and exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything). The group was mostly theater majors, but we picked up a few stragglers too, a few english majors, dance majors, etc. And that year, we picked up one really cute architect who claimed he wanted to learn more about theaters and their architecture… but let’s be real, he just wanted to hang out with me. I thought it was really sweet (I think he regrets it a little because it threw off his education and he graduated late… but he got a long-term girlfriend out of the deal so I don’t know if he regrets it at lot).

T with the Tower Bridge... taken on actual film and pretty lousy lighting... sorry about that!

For class, we had to go see some really large (and famous) street market, although the name escapes me now, that was only open on weekends. A group of us piled onto the Tube to go across London. After about 30 seconds on the Tube, I started to feel terribly sick.

Just as a general note, I passed out a lot in high school… as my form of PMS. Some women get cramps, I pass out at really inopportune times in public. Birth control normally keeps that in check, but for some stupid reason I decided I didn’t want to take it in London (opting for other forms of birth control). Does anyone else do that? Hate the way your birth control pill makes you feel so you go off it only to go running back in a month? I’ve done that a few times in my life and this was the stupidest time, by far.

Anyway, back to the story with me feeling dizzy on the Tube. We had to change trains (to a different line) and when we went to do that, I KNEW I couldn’t make the rest of the trip. I don’t really remember how it went down, but poor T ended up having to carry me out of the underground station, up a flight of stairs and everything. (Thank goodness we were young, so I was still skinny and he was still pretty buff!) We waited outside for a while hoping that would get rid of the dizziness, but it didn’t. He called for a cab to take us back across town to our hostel.

And then things got worse… I threw up along the side of the cab (sticking my head out the window) while we’re driving down the street. The cabbie didn’t hide the fact that he HATED us and thought I was some hungover American (which I wasn’t… American, yes. Hungover, no).

When we finally got back to our building, T escorted me up 4 flights of stairs to my room, helped me take off the pukey clothes (I may have gotten some mess all over my sweatshirt), and put me to bed. Then he went back down to the cabbie, and brought buckets of water so T could clean my puke off the car. He apologized profusely and tipped triple the fee. We were both so embarrassed.

Once the cabbie wasn’t as angry, T came back up to me and held my hand for hours while I took a nap. He never complained or said anything negative. He was just 100% sweet.

This memory just sums up so much of T’s personality for me. He’s selfless, sweet, caring, and he always takes such good care of me! I’m immeasurably glad that he came along to London and that he was there for me when I got sick.

We're on the left. We got to spend some time hanging out in the National Theatre's costume warehouse. It was the coolest thing ever! I think we're all wearing costumes from the Wind in the Willows. Out of the 9 rolls of film I shot while in London, there are only 5 pictures of both of us together!

Ten Tales of T – Day 3

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I’m creating 10 posts all about him and our relationship. If you’d like to read the first 2 posts, you can check them out here and here.

I’m going to skip over our first date, because it was just sort of awkward… but not in a fun, sit-com sort of way… but more in the way that left me a little confused, wondering if I misunderstood the invite: perhaps it wasn’t a date, but just a request to be friends. The second date was a bit better (and it was made clear to me that it WAS a date). After the original miscommunication was cleared up (of “is this a date?”), T asked me on a 3rd date by bringing a tray of homemade, chocolate covered strawberries along with him. It worked, I totally went on that 3rd date!

This is not the actual plate he made

Chocolate covered strawberries have sort of become “our thing.” We don’t have “a song” or “a place” that we frequent regularly… but we have “an us snack” I suppose! He makes them for me for all important stuff: birthdays, holidays, celebrating the end of the semester, etc. And I have to admit, he has gotten VERY good at it! He’s even managed to figure out how to make them so the chocolate doesn’t fall off if I take bites of the berry instead of popping the whole thing in my mouth. I hate when the chocolate falls off and I get all messy!

He’s adorable. All of his practicing led up to this, on Valentine’s day this year:




Ten Tales of T – Day 2

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I have decided to do 10 posts completely dedicated to him. If you missed the first one, check it out here.

How We Met:

The odd thing about telling you how we met is that we actually have differing opinions of that. We met in college, we both agree on that. We went to a college large enough that you didn’t know everyone… but it was small enough that you were only one degree away from anyone. Or to put it another way: everyone you met was a friend of a friend (or more likely, a friend of half the people you were friends with). So we were both friends with the same group of people.

The very first time I remember ever encountering T was at a Superbowl party. He came in for about 90 seconds just to find a partner on a group project that was due the next day.

He remembers meeting me for the first time one day when I was taking out my trash. We lived in an on-campus apartment-style dorm that’s shaped like a U. He lived in apartment 124 and I lived in 128, both were located in the base of the U. The dumpsters were at the end of the left leg. I was walking back after throwing out my trash along with a friend, Ed, who had been doing the same, when a voice came from above. T started by calling down to Ed (from the 3rd floor) and then we all joked around for about 5 minutes. However, I claim it doesn’t count because I couldn’t see his face through the window screen.

But we officially, officially met one day during a water gun fight in the quad of said U, just a little water gun fight with that circle of friends we shared. T walked out of his apartment and, of course, got attacked. He was asking for it… he walked out in a tight, white shirt, showing off some guns (I mean his arms, he didn’t have a water gun) – he was just asking to be turned into his own, private, wet t-shirt contest! Mmm, mmm, boy was looking FINE!

I couldn't find any good pictures of us from 10 years ago, but T is the "skirt on the right." Too bad that shirt doesn't show off his muscles.

This is where I’m about to sound SLUTTY! I told T that I had heard he had the best bed on campus (I really had!) and I asked if I could see it (sometime)… but I didn’t mean I wanted to sleep with him, I literally wanted to see the bed that had a reputation (he wasn’t a slut either, he just had the best bed to hang out in). We walked back upstairs and he showed me the bed.

Here is why it REALLY was the best bed on campus: we both lived in 5 occupancy apartments (2 double rooms, one single, and a livingroom/kitchen), but 2 of his roommates had moved out. So he had a double occupancy room to himself and so did one of the other guys still living there. T moved one of the crappy beds into his roommates room. That roommate created a giant bed by putting the 3 twins together. T lofted his original, lousy, school-issued bed over his “creation.” He took an old sectional couch from his grandparents’ and put all of the sections together to make a circle (and the backs of the couch made it feel like you were in a little nest – plus he covered it all in soft felt). He then put a futon on top of the couch cushions, and covered that with a feather bed. He seriously had the softest, coziest bed on campus! I wish I had a picture to show you!

We hung out in his room for about an hour and he was a total gentleman the entire time (but he had to kick me out so he could go to class). Later that night he asked me out on our first date.

There were a few other odd near misses in our meeting (a lot of  “almosts”). But 10 years later, I’m sure glad we finally met face to face.

We're clearly pretty drunk at a bar and looking ridiculous, but I'm sharing this picture with you because T is trying on a free tee that is clearly too tight for him! (and yes, we're all being silly when this was taken)

Ten Tales of T

My wonderful boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month!

So this month, I’m going to post “Ten Tales of T:” ten posts of little memories or pictures to celebrate our love and remember all the fun we’ve had together so far.

I feel like I should start with a little explanation for you, my dear reader. Yes, we’ve been together for 10 years and we’re not married. We actually never plan to get married. He’s on my healthcare (thank you, very liberal employer who allows me to have a “spousal equivalent”), we live together, and we have cats. That’s close enough to married for me. (plus, I always have really complicated taxes – thank you school and multiple jobs – it’s so much easier to file separately) I was never the little girl who fantasized about getting married. It was never a big dream that I’ve had.

We both also have lots of student loan debt and don’t care to add more debt to our lives (our parents wouldn’t be paying for this wedding). Neither of us are religious (neither are our parents – although my father went to 12 years of Catholic school… and hasn’t been back to the church since). And we were both raised by hippies (my parents more so). It’s just not important to us. We understand why it’s valuable to other people, but at the moment, it’s not to us. The only bummer is that we’ve been together for 10 years and I still have to use the word “boyfriend.” It’s not that I want to use the word “husband,” because that’s not it. I just wish I didn’t sound like a 15-year-old girl.

I used the word “partner” for a year or so… but everyone thought I meant a woman (and T is short for a very unique, Celtic name… so no one could easily identify the gender… his name isn’t something easy like Tom). And it’s not that I mind if anyone thinks I’m a lesbian, but then when said new person met him, they were very confused.

On the radio a few months ago, the djs were talking about “cohabitators” (because living together and not getting married is a rising trend apparently, perhaps that’s related to a fact I saw on WeTV that the average wedding costs 30 grand!) and some woman called in and essentially said that straight, cohabitating couples are ruining the sanctity of marriage. That actually really hurt my feelings. How can I ruin something that I don’t even participate in? Personally, I think if she wants to blame people ruining the sanctity of marriage, I think she should start pointing fingers at people who have had 5+ divorces…

According to Wikipedia, he's been married 8 times to 7 women...

Just saying…

So I hope that gives you a little idea about us.  I hope you don’t get the wrong idea though. Even though we’re not married, we’re still completely loyal and loving to just one another. We’re essentially married… we just don’t have the title.

The next post will be more positive, I promise. I think I’ll post about how we met.

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