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Vibrams New… Shoes?

One of my friends brought this to my attention from the Vibrams Facebook page and I immediately thought of Jill at Now of course, this doesn’t count as jogging in jeans at all and probably has no place on her blog, but these are made by a running shoe company so I at least had to share!

These are so ridiculous that I can’t even think of anything funny to say about them! So I invite you to!

Can you come up with any silly one-liners about this… uh… footwear?


First feature elsewhere!

My picture for made it to her blog!

I’m so excited! If you want a good laugh, you should totally check out Jill’s blog. It’s filled with great pictures of people working out in jeans: hilarious! And today, my picture from the MS run made it! I’m psyched!

When more races start up for me again in the spring, Tavis will again be tasked to take pictures of any other runners in jeans. I enjoy Jill’s blog so much, I really want to help her keep it going! If you have fun pictures of people in jeans, please stop by her blog and send those pictures to her!

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