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The Pain Wasn’t Bad, Why Did I Fear it?

Oops, I forgot to hit publish on this on Jan 16th!

As I mentioned in my last post, I finally went back to the gym this week after missing/avoiding it since May.

I need to actually get a membership – so really I’ve only been once. But it was better than I expected. Sometimes, I think that going back to a gym and a workout regime can be intimidating for 2 reasons: realizing you’re not as in shape as you were and really FEELING that delta but also feeling all of the sore muscles!

I’m so happy to report that my muscles haven’t been sore! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to move the next day, but I’ve had no issues! Yay!

When it comes to not being who I was… well… I’m still dealing with that. Going back to the gym and not knowing how far I can run is sad when I know I could run 10 miles for fun before. Luckily, for me, the first time back, I didn’t hit the treadmill (which I would have done if I were on my own). Instead, I followed my coworker to my second favorite cardio machine: the arc trainer. I wasn’t at the same level I was before. I used to use the “interval” option on level 6, this time around I was back to level 2 (Clearly, neither of these are a brag, just being honest). It was a bummer and my leg muscles were still on fire. But I really think starting with the arc trainer made me feel more “ok” with not being at my past fitness level than starting with my favorite: running.

So if you’re like me and thinking about going back to working out, I wish you luck and for no fear! It wasn’t as bad in reality as it was in my head. 🙂


Don’t Get Discouraged!

The second week of January is quickly ending… which means there is a good chance that you’re getting discouraged about your resolutions. Hold on! Be strong! You can do it!

If your running goals are hinged on weight loss it can be very easy to lose momentum. I love the show the Biggest Loser (guilty pleasure, I admit), but I think that show can help create unrealistic goals. It’s easy to watch that show and then wonder why you can’t drop 20 pounds in a week.

This could still BE you, just give yourself a realistic time frame!

And I ask you:

  • Did you cut down your food intake to 1/3 rd of what you ate before (possibly less)? (I’m guessing they are on a very low-calorie diet based on rumors I have heard… not on fact!)
  • Is working out and exercising your job and sole focus of your day?
  • Do you have an awesomely motivating, professional trainer?

No? Then stop being hard on yourself when you don’t drop weight like someone on that show!

I personally find that checking my scale all the time actually demotivates me. So I stopped doing it. I checked my weight before I began running regularly in June, when I checked my weight again in October, I had only lost 3 pounds! (I haven’t checked since October, the holidays can be brutal and I don’t need the hit to my self-esteem, I’ll check again next month.) Now, I will admit that I’m pretty small (I don’t have 100 pounds to lose) so 3 pounds was actually kind of nice for me. However, there was another reason that I only lost 3, and you may find that you have the same reason.

After running, I would say things like:

  • “Oh, I went running today so I can have an extra/another brownie.”
  • “I think I’ll have some cookies.” (I don’t even really like cookies!)
  • “Wow, that run left me STARVING (lie!) I should snack before dinner.”

Stuff like that was not helping me lose weight. And I would be willing to bet that I lost those 3 pounds pretty late into my running spree, because it took me awhile to stop splurging!

I LOVE the Cookie Monster, but I know I shouldn't BECOME him!

So I would recommend to lay off the scale if it’s not helping motivate you to work out. Instead, try to just enjoy your workout (which isn’t always so easy to do in a stinky gym alone: maybe try to find a friend to go with you or get outside if you can). Also notice and revel in the small changes.

My favorite change was that my non-existent, flabby butt is pretty rocking now and makes my pants look GOOD! That’s what I think about when I’m needing a reason to go to the gym. Other positive changes:

  • My pants aren’t too tight anymore
  • My  love-handles have tightened up
  • I feel calm and happy after running

I wish you luck in finding a positive, small change in yourself to give you a boost when you need it! Share it here if you’d like. I’d love to be your cheerleader!

Toss out your discouraging scale! Focus on the positive changes in yourself!

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