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People Can Be Awesome!

My birthday was last week. This year, I did almost nothing to celebrate. Quite different than last year, that’s for sure. But this year seems busier and more in flux.

But one thing I did was go to the Butterfly Place in Westford, MA (aka, for you non-MA-residents, the edge of nowhere) with my dad. It’s one of those places that’s kept very warm and is filled with all sorts of butterflies. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. (I totally recommend it to anyone in the area). I even had two butterflies hitch a ride on my shoulder for most of the time I was there. Something I learned: butterflies have eerie little faces. But I was the envy of everyone there, so that was kinda cool. (Note, my dad – who also was a butterfly taxi for a while – and I are older and slower than most of the people – aka small children and the parents chasing after them – who were there).

After the Butterfly Place, I stopped for gas. I was feeling a little flustered and my typical behaviors around filling up my tank changed a little because my dad was in my car. So instead of throwing my wallet on the passenger seat, I put it on the top of my car. I may have also gotten a little distracted by the gurgling of the gas filling my tank and how I hate to use gas station rest rooms. And… for the first time in my life… I left my wallet on the roof of my car… and drove away!

I have NEVER lost my wallet in my entire life! And when I finally figured it out at my parents’ house, I was devastated. My parents called the gas station, but no one had turned it in. We raced back up there to search, but to no avail. The one shining light was that I never carry cash (I have direct deposit and a debit card… what would I need cash for? Plus… I spend cash in ways I can’t account for and it drives me batty). So really, I lost maybe $1.50 in change. I was most concerned about having to replace all of my cards (even my library card… which doesn’t mean much and I doubt someone could use it to steal my identity, but I love my library… and it was the metaphorical straw to this camel’s back). It all seemed so nerve-wracking and time-consuming for such a stupid mistake!

However, on my drive home, some super awesome man named Steve from Westford called my parents. He had found my wallet and wanted to return it! (I may not have changed my address from my parents’ address on my driver’s license even though I haven’t lived there in years… therefore his investigation returned my parents…)

For my birthday, the best gift I received was a boost to my faith in humanity! Thank you to Steve and the universe for returning my wallet! That was awesome and I’m so super grateful and relieved! I’m pretty sure my wallet was run over a few times (the zipper doesn’t work anymore), but buying a new wallet is the least of my worries. I’m just so, so thankful!


Sunday Morning Snarky – Wall of Happiness

This doesn’t really balance yesterday’s… I think they compliment each other…

Saturday Morning Motivation – Are You Happy?

Do you ever have a moment where you realize you’re talking to someone who can only say something from on top of their high horse? I have to admit that someone like that gets under my skin. Of course, I know they might only be nasty because they are coming from a place of pain themselves. So to move past my own yucky feelings about lame situations, I try to think of how much I love my life and I think of all the wonderful things I have and do. Or I count my blessings as it were. And I move on because I am happy and I like to stay that way!

Have a great weekend! I wish you happiness!

Saturday Morning Motivation

Ok… it’s really the afternoon… but I ran a 5k this morning! Woo! I promise to post an update soon. I can’t believe I didn’t post anything all week… it’s because I go from underwhelmed to overwhelmed in the blink of an eye! It’s been quite a busy week. In fact, I’m off to Rhode Island now to  celebrate at my undergraduate university. Yay, alumni weekend! (and the theater department is doing a big hoop-lah, which is the real reason I’m going… but I’m psyched to see people I haven’t seen in years!)

Have a great weekend!

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