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Back in the Saddle Again!

I haven’t had much to blog about lately. Mainly because when I first started to write this blog, I wanted it to be about all the silly little tricks I use and what I tell myself to motivate myself to stay busy. But I haven’t had anything to say because I wasn’t very motivated. I’ve been floating through life lately, I haven’t been propelling myself, but I think that needs to change.

Also, I wasn’t ever going to be a good “mommy blogger!”

So what has motivated this sudden change back to blogging? I had time off from Dec 24th – Jan 5th and I decided that I needed to clean out my clothes closet and dresser drawers. I like to do organizational projects when I have significant down time. I’ve lived in three apartments/homes in the last 8 years and every time I move, my storage space gets smaller. I haven’t purged clothes in a LOOOONG time (let’s just say that I still had about 40% of the clothes I wore in high school).

1) I was motivated for the need for space! The clothes I wear all the time had nowhere to live.

As I was going through my clothes, purging them, I realized how few of them fit. In all fairness, some of them were originally tight, belly shirts or pleather shorts from high school – but other things should have fit and didn’t. (In the end, I donated about 80 pieces of clothes – I stopped counting at 63. I also threw away a bunch of old clothes – like over-worn bathing suits, again from high school – but I didn’t count those.)

My drawers and closet have so much more space! Now, I just wish I felt that way in my clothes.

2) I want to fit in my clothes again!

Trying on so many pieces of my own clothes really made me aware of how much I have gained since buying most of them.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and I learned something sad. I gained 38 pounds when I was pregnant. I lost 32 of those pounds by her first birthday. Since June, I’ve gained 5 pounds!!!! That’s right, I lost most of the “baby weight” and then gained 5 pounds for no good reason! Ugh! Where are my running shoes?

I went to Planet Fitness yesterday as a guest of my coworker who is a member there. I liked it well enough, so I’m going to sign up this weekend.

And here is my plan: I need to go to the gym a few times a week during lunch (I’m directing a high school play so my wonderful man, T, is already on full-time parent duty 2-3 nights a week. I feel bad making him do every night so I can go to the gym. Especially because he’s just signed up for Daily Burn so that he can work out and be at home at the same time. I’m excited for him but I want a treadmill. Also, I would miss Baby Girl’s face too much if I was out 4-5 nights a week (plus working full-time).

Playing with hats at Target around Halloween

Playing with hats at Target around Halloween

Next, I need more lettuce in my life. I used to eat salads with almost every dinner as a kid. I almost never eat salad now! So that’s going to change!

And maybe less ice cream…

*Having just reread this, I realize I sound like I’m freaking out over 5 lbs, but I was a little heavier than desired before I got pregnant so this is actually about 20-25 lbs. I’m really just bumming because my weight is moving in the wrong direction. And I miss running!!!! I miss my lovely running trail that I moved away from and I’ve yet to find another good one. I think that might be some spring motivation.


Saturday Morning Motivation – Obstacles

It’s been really hard for me lately to stop staring at obstacles. And by “staring at obstacles” I mean “watching obscene amounts of TV.” But I’ve been getting better at staying focused and working out, here’s hoping that trend will continue and improve!

Good luck to you this weekend!

The Required New Years Post

I realize this is a bit late, but I’m usually late with everything… and I’m ok with it! ūüôā

I’m not the type of person who resolves to change¬†who I am¬†but I like to make goals for my upcoming year. If I don’t achieve the goals, I’m ok with it, but at least if gives me something to strive for and focus on throughout the year. I’ve also learned to keep the list simple if I plan to really work on it. Plus, I can always add something at any time of the year.

So here are my goals for this year so far:

  • Get As in my final two classes this year and graduate in May!
  • Run:
    • a¬†5k
    • a¬†9k (it’s a specific race… I know it’s an odd number)
    • and a¬†10k
  • Celebrate¬†my 10 year anniversary with my super awesome boyfriend¬†
  • Spend more time with friends (I really should make this more concrete so it feels like an action item and less like a hope… but I’m not quite sure how)

I have this general (most likely crazy) belief that Christmas cards are like a friendship grade at the end of the year.

This is what I call my “wall of popularity:”

These are the Christmas cards I received this year hanging up in my living room… and I’ll probably leave them up until February because they make me happy and they don’t take up any space.

I believe that if you don’t check in with your friends, and you don’t go to their events (birthday parties, weddings, fundraisers, what have you), and you don’t send them things like Christmas cards or birthday wishes or whatever, they will stop sending you Christmas cards which equates to them stopping thinking about you (at least as anything more than just a Facebook friend). Of course your best friends will still love you and not everyone sends cards, but your outer ring of friends will start to drop off.

And the more rings you lose, the fewer friends you have… and I don’t want to be friendless by 50!

Anyway, my popularity wall got smaller this year. I’m certain it’s because of 2 things:

  1. My holiday cards were so late
  2. I probably didn’t make enough time for some people this year

I need to do better next year! (aka this year, 2012)

So those are my goals. What are yours?

Getting Nervous for Another 5K

I’m running another 5k tomorrow, and just like the first one, I’m crazy nervous.

Mainly, I’m nervous about clothing choices. According to, it’s supposed to feel like it’s 29 degrees tomorrow morning when I start my run. I don’t really know how many layers I should be wearing for that. I’m afraid I’ll be too cold while I stand around waiting for the run to start and then too hot 1/2 mile into it. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. My dad thinks that if I get too hot, I should just shed gloves/a hat/my fleece jacket at the one mile mark when I run past him so he can pick it/them up for me and have them at the finish line for me. It’s certainly a possibility. I just don’t know how he’ll get around the other runners.

I’m doing the same thing that I did last time when it comes to spectators. I’m going to position my dad and my boyfriend at the one mile mark and then have them take a short cut up to the finish line so they can cheer me on there too. I think that will help motivate me like it did last time.

(not my actual family)

I’m keeping my goals in check this time around as well. Just like last time, I’m just hoping to finish and to have run the entire time. I don’t think I’ll make a personal best (I’m going with the British version of this, “personal record” seems silly to me, I’m not a “making and breaking records” kind of girl). This course is very hilly where as the other one was “flat and fast.” I don’t run hills so I know this will be a challenge for me.

Another challenge/fear: I typically run in the evening. My muscles are already warmed up by then, I’ve had plenty of food and plenty of water. This run starts at 9 am. Not only am I not a morning runner, I’m not a morning person. I would rather run at 2 am than 7 am… I’m waking up early tomorrow just with the goal of eating breakfast and drinking enough water to expel it (go to the bathroom)¬†before I leave the house. I hope I’m a functioning human being by 9 am!

See you on the other side!

Set Your Goals

Saturday Morning Motivational Poster

New Goals!

Goals really keep me going!

Lately, I’ve had to start running inside. I typically run after work. Now that it’s dark so early, I don’t feel safe running outside on my tree-laden paths by the river; and I don’t want to run along the main streets. So I”ve taken to a treadmill in the basement of my office building.

I’m not loving it. I even had the thought “Well, once I’ve run a 10k race, I think I’m going to stop this running thing. I don’t know why I do it anyway” Bah! I used to do it because it was fun and it felt good. The book I’m reading put it perfectly into words for me in a chapter about treadmills though. I don’t have the book in front of me unfortunately, so here is my paraphrase: After about 10 minutes of running on a treadmill, your mind figures out that it’s putting out all of this effort and you’re not going anywhere!

It’s so true! She offers a lot of fun tricks though to keep yourself engaged, like varying the speed and incline¬†(especially in time with music or along with a TV show).

While running on a lunch break (whoa!), I came up with a few new goals for myself.

First, a recap of running during lunch: I did it because I have the 5k coming up and I wanted to make sure that I got in enough training. It was nice, but I don’t think I’ll do it again. First, it was great because I was the only person there the entire time. And when I went back to work, I felt more focused.

I don’t think I’ll be doing it again because showering in a weird place isn’t my thing. When I work out at night, I’ll actually get in my car when I’m done, drive home, and shower at home. But I couldn’t stink up the office… so I showered. Also, I was bright red in the face for what felt like a solid 2-3 hours afterwards. Finally, and the main reason, I didn’t get a long enough run. I’m used to running for 60-70 minutes (there is some walking in there too). 30 just didn’t cut it for me. I felt like I didn’t give it my all.

I decided that I needed some easy-to-achieve, winter goals. My last goals were distance based, because it was light at night and I would just run by the river until it got dark enough that I should go inside. I don’t really want to spend all night at the gym though.

So these are my new goals:

  • Run an 8 minute mile
  • Run a mile at a 4.0 incline

I working to achieve these by February 1st. I don’t expect to do these goals together, but rather it would involve running the two miles back to back. In order to feel that I’ve reached these goals I will need to do them 3 times (on separate nights).

I’m a little bummed that the treadmill at this gym will only let me go up in full numbers (or at least I haven’t figured out how to do a 1.5 incline, for example). The 2.0 was ROUGH! I’m sure it will get easier though. Plus, my muscles enjoyed the ache.

As of¬†right now, I’ve managed to run a 2.0 incline and an 8:50 mile. (I’m still happier at a flat 10:30 though…)

I look forward to enjoying the feeling of achievement!

Since WordPress has decided I can’t imbed video anymore: here’s a link to YouTube for a fun Gooooaaaallll! clip!

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