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Vibrams New… Shoes?

One of my friends brought this to my attention from the Vibrams Facebook page and I immediately thought of Jill at Now of course, this doesn’t count as jogging in jeans at all and probably has no place on her blog, but these are made by a running shoe company so I at least had to share!

These are so ridiculous that I can’t even think of anything funny to say about them! So I invite you to!

Can you come up with any silly one-liners about this… uh… footwear?


Can It Really Be Called “Fashion?”

This past weekend, the boyfriend and I went on a little ski vacation. Unfortunately, the weather on one of the days was a complete bummer: tons of wind and a “wintry mix.” For anyone who lives in a state with pleasant weather who has never heard your weatherman call for a “wintry mix,” let me explain. All at once, there is snow, rain, and violent shards of sleet that pelt your face. You would think that the sleet would follow the laws of gravity and fall towards the earth, but no, they are actually directly attracted to any exposed skin. It’s lovely, I assure you.

We had to spend the day inside and it wasn’t altogether bad. I got some homework done; there was some cuddling; and we watched a few movies. I also discovered the Animal Planet show “Too Cute.” (The subject matter TOTALLY lives up to the title).

But we had to venture out into the weather for 1 hour because of maintenance issues with the condo. We went to the ski shop. Have you ever visited a ski shop? If not, you should! Some of the fashion in there could come straight out of Elton John’s closet! Oh, the sunglasses! And there are always some hats good for a laugh, too. I should probably mention that I’m not a fashionista myself… at ALL. Let me direct you to pictures of how I spent my 30th birthday as proof. I typically love a wacky outfit, but ski gear can always take the cake.

I found some pants at the ski shop that I simply have to share with you! (I would have shared some of the sunglasses but I don’t think the clerk would have been too excited about it as she had to fish them out of a glass case for me). I have mentioned before that I LOVE is exactly what it sounds like: a blog dedicated to people running in jeans (and reveling in those choices). Occasionally, Jill will show people doing other exercise-related activities in jeans. I don’t know if these images are worthy of her site because 1) There is no running involved, 2) No one is wearing them, but I thought I would share them with you because they seem so ridiculous to me.

When snowboarding first became popular, it wasn’t uncommon to see people in jeans. I never understood it personally (and not because I’m trying to bash anyone) but that was back when they would have to get off the lift, sit on the snow, and strap their boot back into the binding. Jeans are not water resistant. Within 10 minutes of that, I would have been wet, cold, miserable, and whining at anyone who would listen. Now that snowboarding has become so huge, people of all ages (and wuss-bag dispositions – like my own) participate. I’m guessing these pants though, are meant to maintain the “cool” look while being water-resistant like any other pair of snowpants:

That’s right, those may look like jeans, but they are 100% snow pant! Those seams, pockets, belt loops and that button are all graphic! There isn’t a stitch of denim involved! (sorry for the lousy pic, the ski shop was CROWDED thanks to the “wintry mix” weather)

And then I found the next gem! These “jeans” were lost and hanging with a bunch of shirts:

That belt loop is real. And it has back pockets (but the front pockets were just drawn on):

In case the picture isn’t doing the pants justice, those “jeans” are 92% polyester and 8% spandex. And here is my favorite part:

I really can’t figure out when you would wear these. Or why! They FEEL like polyester… if you sat on satin sheets wearing these, you’d slip right off the bed… actually, these were so slippery, you might slip off cotton sheets, too! And half of the “designs” are just graphic images… They really are just weird polyester/spandex pants masquerading as jeans… Why? For for purpose? And would people really pay $60 for non-jeans?

Maybe these are the true definition of jeggings, and I’m just not in the know… but I always thought those had an ounce of denim included.

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