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Fundraising Recap – So Far

This post is for Jill, who asked how my fundraising e-mail went (as mentioned here).

First, thank you to Jill and Stacy for commenting on my last post and telling me to just send my fundraising e-mail! As soon as I saw those comments, I hit send.

To be honest, I’m bumming a little. I’m psyched to have raised a little over $300. I have 13 donors (and thanks to Stacy – friend and reader, she commented on the post linked above – for being my first sponsor!). So why am I bummed? Well, of those 13 donors, only 2 are from the pool of 60 people who I directly support at work. I think it’s a little lame that so few of them donated considering that I do things for them all day long. Part of me wants to say “oh, no, I can’t build that dashboard or pull those metrics for you right now… but have you seen my fundraising page?” But I don’t have the testicular fortitude to withhold work as a bribe.

Also weighing on my mind is the fact that about this time last year, one of our sales reps participated in a triathlon. He sent around a similar fundraising e-mail and within 3 days, our coworkers had donated 1k. I wanted to ask him how he managed to do it… but he was let go on Thursday (the downside of not landing enough sales when you’re a salesman). So that’s a total bummer all around.

Oddly, I’ve had a bunch of people come over to me and congratulate me for running a 9k… one guy even said he had heard a rumor that I was a marathon runner and this must be a piece of cake for me!

But none of those people donated… That’s weird, right? To go out of your way to find me and talk to me about it, but not even donate a dollar?

Maybe I’ll send out another e-mail to my co-workers closer to the date or put a link to my fundraising page in my e-mail signature block. 

Or I’ll move on to harassing my friends/family/loved ones/poor souls who foolishly gave me their e-mail addresses over the years…

I’m sure I’ll get there, I just need to get creative about it!


Nervous to Ask a Little Question

I work for a company of about 350 people. I directly support about 60 of those employees and thanks to the company softball team and simply having worked here for 5 years, I would guess I know another 30 – 40 people in the building, maybe more.

I am also one of those people who supports EVERYONE’S stuff: “Your son, the Boy Scout, is selling holiday wreaths? Of course I’ll buy one!” Same goes for:

  • Buying daffodils for the American Cancer Society
  • Buying Girl Scout cookies
  • Buying pies to support Pie in the Sky – a food bank-like fundraiser
  • Donating to someone’s triathlon
  • Donating to someone’s marathon run
  • Donating to someone’s push up challenge to raise money for a food bank

You name it, if someone’s pushing it at work, I’m supporting it.

So when I signed up for the Run to Home Base (aka the Race to Home Base because I like things to rhyme) and I was informed that I would have to raise $1000 (or pay 1k if I couldn’t raise it), I thought “Well I support everyone else, I hope they’ll support me.” (Side note, to any of my friends who I haven’t supported in the last few months – this is why! I feel terrible not supporting you and donating to your causes, but I told myself I wouldn’t support anything until I find out if I’m paying the whole thousand for this event.)

I was planning to send out my little e-mail to my coworkers on March 1st. Now, on the 13th, I still haven’t sent it out. I’ve written it… and reread it… and reread it… about a dozen times, but I’m nervous to send it out. Thoughts I can’t seem to shake:

  • Have I said too much?
  • Have I said too little?
  • Have I just not made it sound like a worthy enough cause?
  • Should I send out the form letter suggested on the website instead?
  • Does the form letter sound too much like a form letter and should I go with what I wrote?

Bah! I suck at this…

Are any of you good at this? Do you have any general suggestions? Should I just “man up,” send it out, and not worry about it? Clearly, I’m overthinking it a bit!

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