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Diaper Derby Recap

If you read my original post leading up to the Diaper Derby, let me just say the cupcakes were delicious!

Ok, so that’s my silly way of trying to say that Baby Girl didn’t win. But also, the cupcakes from ShotCakes were actually very good!

As any racer knows, packet pick up can be significantly before the start time. Add onto that, racers were assigned to their heats (6 baby per heat) in order of arrival. We had a bunch of time on our hands! Baby Girl ended up in the 7th heat, which was 90 minutes after we arrived. We had plenty of time to wander the mall, read the rules they gave us, and check out the sponsors.

The rules were hilarious! To give you a brief sample of the 20-something rules (these aren’t direct quotes, but as best I can remember):

  1. No live pets are allowed at the finish line to entice racers
  2. Parents are not allowed to push their children along the course
  3. Parents are not allowed to push other children down or hold them back

Crazy that they had to tell us #3, right? One of my other favorite rules was that if after 5 minutes, no baby had crossed the finish line, they would declare the baby closest to the finish line the winner. That rule wasn’t used the entire time we were there. There was always one baby who was ready and raring to go!

Also in our 90 minutes to kill, we hit up all of the tables run by the sponsors. We enjoyed the cupcakes by ShotCakes, we got a goody bag including a rubber ducky from WIC, and we signed up for all sorts of raffles… because, well, we had time to kill! And we took a picture with a shoe:

Because New Balance was a sponsor... and why not? (That's my dad with me and Baby Girl)

Because New Balance was a sponsor… and why not?
That’s my dad with me and Baby Girl. I dressed her in a hot pink track suit because I thought it was funny, what do you think?

We also watched some of the other heats, but it was a little hard to see because there was such a big crowd. Whatever we could catch was adorable/funny though!

Now, Heat 7, how Baby Girl did:

Diaper Derby with arrows

There is Baby Girl in her little pink track suit in the yellow lane.

The cutie pie next to us in the red lane had very funny parents. The parents and all of their spectators came wearing matching home-designed shirts saying “Team [Baby’s name].” I can’t remember the baby’s name anymore. They had bananas drawn on the shirts too, so I’ll call them Team Bananas. It was funny. When I complimented the mom, who was sitting next to me, on the shirts, she said “Go big or go home, right?” I hope she was joking, it was a crawling race after all. She seemed silly though, so I’m going to guess it was at least partially a joke.

The cutie pie in the blue lane cried the entire race! She just laid on her tummy like she had been abandoned and wept. Poor girl! Her father was super friendly though and we had a nice chat.

The cutie pie in the orange lane won the heat! It took her awhile to figure out what was going on, but once she got moving, she was fast! In total, the race was under a minute long. It wasn’t even a close race.

The red and blue parents and I had a conversation about how the kids couldn’t see us. In order to see the finish line from the starting line, the babies had to stare into the sun. If I could suggest any changes, it would be to reverse the start and the finish lines. Plus, the DJ was blasting music right behind us so there was no hope of the babies hearing us. Team Bananas mom even brought a bunch of bells and it didn’t attract any of the babies. I don’t think they could even hear the bells.

And how did Baby Girl do? Well… she loved the starting line. Each lane had a laminated sheet of paper saying “Start.” Baby Girl handed it to her daddy 3 times during the race!

DiaperDerby Startline

All of the babies stayed at the starting line except the orange lane (winner) and the red lane (Team Bananas). The baby in the red lane crawled about a foot into the shadows and then stopped.

Baby Girl didn’t win the race, but I can’t really say she lost either. Since we spent so much time entering all of the raffles, we actually won two of them! Baby Girl won a gift certificate to Toys R Us thanks to Relay for Life! And I won any 1 pair of shoes I wanted from New Balance! Since all of the shoes were roughly the same price, I selected these:

NB Shoes

Cute, no? They are also super comfy. I can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can start wearing them! My dad suggested that I get new running shoes instead, but the selection in the store was really limited, so I chose shoes I could wear to work.

The Diaper Derby was free to enter, so all of the free goodies were an awesome upside to a fun event. All in all, we had a complete blast! It was a day of laughs and cheers and winning raffle prizes! I’m super glad we all went!

The Color Run!

While I was busy with my thesis paper and therefore not updating my blog, I signed up for 2 more runs! I’ll talk about each of them in their own post. The first one I signed up for is the Color Run – Boston on July 28th! It looks like a ton of fun! In fact it calls itself the “happiest run on earth!”

The concept of this 5k is that at every kilometer, there is a “color zone” where volunteers throw colored cornstarch at the runners. Each kilometer has a different color: for example, at the first one, they throw pink at you; at the second, blue; then green, yellow, and purple. So by the end you’re covered in color (they ask that you run in a white shirt to make it more fun). And every 15 minutes at the finish line, they have a color party and invite everyone to throw a bag full of color up (that they supply with your bib). Awesome!

visual description from

I also went out and bought white shorts for this and I’m thinking about getting a pair of white knee socks to add to my “canvas.”

Besides it sounding like a ton of fun, there are 3 other reasons that I’m super excited:

1) I have a teensy love of Indian culture and this reminds me of the holiday Holi. Holi is the “festival of colors,” it celebrates the beginning of spring and also the triumph of good over evil. The celebration includes people covering one another in colored power or water. Check out some pictures here. Doesn’t it look like a ton of fun? And with the Color Run, I can experience some of that fun without the expense of an airplane ticket! 🙂

Three girls celebrate Holi. Image from the Boston Globe’s “Big Picture”.

2) I’m actually getting to run with other people! I always run alone so I’m really excited to be a part of team!

3) My team members are T’s sister and his soon to be sister-in-law (a fun chick who is marrying his brother in a few months). Collectively, I call them my sister-out-laws (since T and I aren’t married). I really like the two of them. They are very different, but can both be really cool. The soon to be in-law, Sarah, has been a runner for over a decade. T’s sister, Jen (that’s right, we have the same name), has just started running (I imagine we have a similar skill set). It should be fun. Plus, Jen’s 10-year-old daughter might be running with us and T’s aunt (married into the family and only 2 years older than Jen) might do it with us as well! I’m hoping that it will be a super fun bonding experience for us. Plus, we’ll have a bunch of spectators: T, his brother, and most likely his 6-year-old nephew (we promised him that he could throw our bags of color at us) – plus possibly more (Jen’s husband, T’s uncle, and maybe more family members)

I’m SUPER excited! I wish I had posted this back in April when we signed up. I was so jazzed that I felt like I was jumping out of my skin! It looks like a fun race and I won’t be alone during the run! It’s not timed either, so I’m perfectly happy running slowly to stick with the group.

Oh! And the registration fee includes a donation to a charity and the Boston charity is Homes For Our Troops! And you know I love a good charity for vets!

Have you/would you ever do this type of run?

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