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We Need More Cowbell!

Before my 9k, the Run to Home Base (ugh… why doesn’t this rhyme!?) I read a really awesome blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, Running Sunflower. I recommend you read it as well, but let me give a quick summary: it’s about how she went to volunteer at a 10k she was not running. The event had plenty of volunteers, so she rang a cowbell and cheered on the runners. It’s really awesome.

I thought a lot about her post while I was running the 9k. There were so few spectators for that run. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There were a ton of spectators, but they were all inside Fenway Park, hanging out at the finish line. Along the actual course, there were very few. It was a bit of a bummer and I was in some major need of cheering along. This was the first race where I hadn’t figured out how to get my loved ones to show up at multiple parts of the course (I’m a big fan of finding ways for them to walk a couple of blocks and see me at around the 1 mile mark and at another mark around the end – I love having their support). 

Although there were so few, there were still some really great spectators at this event (they were clearly volunteers because there were about 50 people wearing the same blue shirt…) scattered along the course with clappers. They were almost all old enough to be my grandmother or grandfather and I loved every single one of them! 

Many of them yelled “thank you for what you’re doing!” (we had to raise money to run) and I yelled back to all of them, “thank you for what you’re doing!” They may not realize it, but their enthusiasm was really important and valuable. No one had a cowbell though!

It really got me thinking. I need to be a spectator more often. And I invite you to do the same. If it’s a 5k or a 10k, you and/or I would only be out there for around an hour. It’s so nice to have people cheering along during the more difficult (and lesser populated) parts of the race. I need to return the favor to people! If you have a race coming up in the Boston area, let me know and if I can, I’ll come out and cheer you on! I’ll even stop by Best Race Signs for some ideas!

Now… to buy a cowbell!


Can’t Wait to “Finish on the 50!”

I’ve signed up for another race and I’m super, super excited about this one! As in… this is the only race I’ve ever talked about for months before even registering!

I’ve signed up for the Harvard Pilgrim “Finish on the 50” 10k! Why am I so excited about this race, you ask? Two reasons:

  1. I’m finally believing in myself enough to do a 10k. They even have a 5k option and I’m choosing to step it up to the longer distance!
  2. (and the stronger of the two reasons) It ends on the fifty yard line of Gillette Stadium in Patriot’s Place!

I feel like this, so far, is my year of sports themed races. I’ve already signed up for a race that ends at home base in Fenway Park – which I affectionately call (while bastardizing the name) the Race to Home Base. However, why is the Finish on the 50 more thrilling? Well, I live in RedSox Nation, but (and I’m sorry if I offend anyone) baseball has too many games in a season to keep my attention. But I love the Patriots! (and you can read about my antics at a Patriot’s game here)

This was taken at my first Pat's game ever. Dr. Daddy took me and I'm wearing a jersey I borrowed from my brother.Taken this year in freezing temps! Not a "fair weather fan" anymore! Under all those layers I have on my own jersey...

I am so excited to get to run on the field! So, so excited! I’m nerding out for certain!

Right, so now I need to take that excitement and turn it out with some running! I should get on training! July will be here before I know it.

with my wonderful boyfrend at a different game. I'm about to get MUCH closer to the field!

Run to Home Base!

I’m starting the new year off right! I’ve already signed up for another race! (which really is a little ambitious considering I haven’t even gone running since Thanksgiving – but I’ve got my gym bag packed and I’m going today!)

Luckily, this race isn’t until May 20th… so at least I have a little time. I’ve signed up for:

The Run to Home Base! (I will most likely refer to this as the Race to Home Base henceforth because seriously, I prefer it to rhyme.)

It’s a 9k through the streets of Boston ending at Fenway Park‘s home base! It’s a race to support care, treatment, and research for returning soldiers with traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress. I whole-heartedly know that I could never do what the men and women in our military have volunteered to do – but I can support them however possible! Afterall, they have most certainly EARNED some quality health care and I hope to help them get it in any way I can.

I hope it’s obvious that I’m little fired up about the cause. I’m also a little nervous about the run, as I was with the others, here and here. For very different reasons though. I’m not worried about making a good time, the website mentions that you shouldn’t focus on time because this course has a lot of bottle necks and places where runners will be held up. I’m not even worried about running the whole time. It’s longer than I usually run (5.59 miles… although I’ll work towards it until May) and it will be mostly cement, so I’m permitting myself a little walking time.

So what am I so worried about? Two things! 1) They don’t permit headphones. They claim it’s for safety reasons. Both my mother and my boyfriend said “so just wear one earbud!” I hope I can get away with that. I’ve only run without music twice. Once I had a TV at the gym so it wasn’t too terrible. The other time was outside and I managed, but I don’t know if I can make it 9k without some RuPaul, Journey, or Dropkick Murphys motivating me to go on. (ironically, I forgot my ipod today!)

2) I have to raise $1000… or they’ll have me pay it. I need to figure out some fundraising ideas!

I’m also completely open to suggestions for a fun/funny pose while they take my picture as I cross the plate! That’s the 2nd most motivating part to the race – the cause being the first, of course. I may not be much of a baseball fan, but I do live in Redsox Nation… so of course it’s pretty cool to run home in Fenway! And have a picture as proof!

So, I’m open to suggestions on how to motivate myself for the run without music and for goofy poses at the end of the race over home base!

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