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Thanksgiving – Vegie Humor

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This is the little centerpiece at my parents house (my father is also a vegetarian). I warn them every year: someday, I shall kidnap it… if I ever do my own Thanksgiving meal. However, whether on their table or mine, it always cheers me up!

Give thanks!

(and yes, I was super upset the year I noticed his little broken toe!)


My First Understanding of Thanksgiving

I grew up in a middle-class home. I never went without anything I ever needed. And I had plenty of fun perks to life (ballet class, video games, etc). I also didn’t know how good I had it.

My father did though. He had grown up pretty poor and was always determined to give back and help where he could. For over 20 years, he was a member of the local Rotary Club. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s a “do good” type of club. He was always trying to get me and my brother involved and when I was about 15, he finally succeeded.

Every year on Thanksgiving, the Rotary Club members would meet at something like 6 am, and assemble “turkey baskets with all the fixings” thanks to a fundraiser they held the weekend before. These baskets held (and probably still hold) a turkey, bread, stuffing mix, everything for pumpkin pie, vegetables, etc. Basically everything you would need for a nice Thanksgiving meal. They would then deliver them around town to a list of people they received from some social service organization (the food bank maybe?).

I was still a surly and sleepy teen, so I skipped the part where the baskets were assembled, but my dad picked me up at about 9 am to help with the delivery. I will never forget it for as long as I live.

We went to a house less than a mile from our own. A six-year-old boy opened the door. Cheerfully, I handed him a gallon milk, and held on to a gallon of orange juice while he went to put down the milk. By the time he was returning, his father had shown up and was taking the giant basket of food from my father.

The little boy chirped to him “Dad, dad, they gave us a gallon of milk!”
To which the father replied “Why would they give us an entire gallon?”

That broke my heart! Especially because I knew that I had an entire gallon of milk in my fridge probably going bad because none of us ever drank enough milk.

That was the first time that I ever truly understood how good I have it.

Since then, I have always been thankful for my life. I have the important stuff and I know it:

  • If I’m cold, I turn up the heat
  • If I’m hungry, I go to the grocery store
  • With a few minor exceptions, I have my health
  • Enough people love me that I never have to worry about being “all on my own”

What are you thankful for this year? How do you give back?


Thankful for Her…

I had a pretty stressed out end to my week/weekend.

First I should mention that I’m a huge animal person. Dog person, cat person, doesn’t matter to me, I love them all. My mom grew up on a dairy farm, and I think she instilled a sense of empathy to me and my brother. She was always the first person trying to rescue every little, baby bunny or half-dead animal she found while we were growing up.

Now, I have 2 cats because I live in a relatively small apartment.

Little boy on the left, little girl on the right

Because the apartment is so small, but we do have a backyard, they spend most days outside (and they prefer it that way). Well, they both went out on Thursday, but then it POURED all afternoon!

When I came home, no kitty came inside immediately. Kind of odd, especially for a rainy day. Eventually my little, boy kitty came inside, got dried off and gobbled down his dinner. By 9 pm, my little girl cat was still nowhere to be found. This was very odd. Typically she’s yelling at me if I’m 5 minutes late for dinner. Now she was 3 hours late, it was still pouring, and it was starting to get really cold.

Here’s the thing, her nicknames are Princess and Prissy Pants. She will actually come inside to use the litter box and then prance back outside because she doesn’t like going to the bathroom outside. She got locked in the basement by accident one night and even though it has a dirt floor, she still waited to go to the bathroom so she could use the box. She’s prissy and always clean. This is her general attitude:

Not actually my little girl, but the sentiment is right.

She never came home on Thursday, and she has NEVER missed dinner. She never came home on Friday, and it rained all day. On Saturday, I was freaking out and still no cat! I figure if she had missed two dinners, she was probably dead, especially because it was nice on Saturday. My poor boyfriend was having dreams about her being eaten by wild animals and I was looking on the side of every road to see if she had been hit. I even called Animal Control on Saturday to see if anyone had found her. She’s a pretty friendly, little girl, so I thought maybe with all the rain, she had convinced someone to let her into their house. No such luck.

We went out for about an hour to watch my boyfriend’s niece’s soccer game. I know I was completely not fun because I was just so upset about her. We were gone for about an hour all day, and yet, when we got home, there she was sitting on the front porch begging to be let inside! I felt so much relief seeing her little face!

She stank of oil and her little, white feet were black with filth. I’m pretty sure she was locked in someone’s garage. I’m guessing by accident.

It was a stressful few days and I’m so glad she came home! With Thanksgiving being this week, I know I’m thankful for both of my cats who make my life brighter with their silly antics. Plus, their 3rd birthday is Sunday! I would have LOST IT if she didn’t make it to her birthday!

This is how she spent today (she's on the guest bed)

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