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Always Behind

Woo! This has been one busy week. This week has been about finishes and starts (and not the fun kind in running).

Finishes include: finished my very stressful and overwhelming class! It’s done, done, done! I literally walked out of the final class humming this: (Kool & The Gang – Celebration)

Finished 3 applications for more grad school! Yea! However, I made two mistakes on an application for School X. I uploaded an artistic resume with a header that said “Applying for School A” and it wouldn’t let me delete the upload (School X’s application website is really sub-par…) and then I realized this morning that the personal essay that I uploaded to School X had comments about School B in it (For example: Some of the life experience that I could bring to School B, include…). Oops! The silver lining here though is that at least School X was my last choice… (it was right up to the deadline, so I wasn’t thinking and I can’t change it now).


I need to start my Christmas shopping (yep, that’s right, I only have 9 days left… I know).

I need to clean my house thoroughly. This semester, my house has always been in a minor state of chaos (thanks to the overwhelming amount of classwork and my foolish insistance of having a teensy bit of a social life). On Monday, my best friend is coming to stay with me for a few days… so my house needs to be immaculate.

I need to put up some Christmas decorations. See reason above. Plus, I love Christmas and I want it to look like an elf vomited holiday cheer around my apartment.

Ok... perhaps my house will not be decorated quite to this degree

I need to start my Christmas cards… At this point, they might be New Years cards.

Oh! And I need to start running again! It’s been almost a month since I last went!


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