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Crazy Wishes

Since I’ve already shared some of my less popular feelings about babies, I thought I would tell you about all of my silly hopes for this baby.

I assume that every parent hopes their baby is healthy, happy, is completely baked, and has all of their anatomy built correctly. I’m sure at least most parents hope their child is some combination of  smart, funny, nice, driven, sympathetic, compassionate, witty, humane, etc. And of course I hope for all of those things, too. But here are some of my sillier hopes, and I hope you get a kick out of my nutty list:

I hope that Booger gets either my dark hair or my wonderful boyfriend’s predominant freckles. T and I are both PALE people (T literally glows blue in the sunlight and I have NEVER had a tan in my entire life). If Booger gets my weak freckles and T’s light brown hair, I’m not sure we’ll ever see this transparent child.  

This is an old picture from when I tried to rock a pixie cut like a decade ago (I failed). But look at the glow on that skin! There's no filter used... that's just what I look like in the sunlight...

This is an old picture from when I tried to rock a pixie cut like a decade ago (I failed). But look at the glow on that skin! There’s no filter used… that’s just what I look like in the sunlight…

I hope Booger gets my eyesight and T’s perfect teeth. I don’t wear glasses or contacts (T does) and the dentist practically sings love songs to T’s teeth whenever he’s in there for a cleaning.

I hope Booger gets T’s musical and sports abilities. T can play 5 instruments and I’ve taken lessons for 4 instruments but can’t play any of them. I have zero rhythm! T used to play songs for me on the guitar and even if it was my favorite song I wouldn’t know it unless he sang the words (seriously – I’m musically stupid. I’m mostly ok with it). And when it comes to sports, I can pretty much only catch a ball with my face! My wonderful boyfriend, on the other hand, played sports from 5th grade through the end of high school and was actually good!

I hope Booger can draw like T as well. When we were in college (and had absolutely no money), T used to draw flowers for me and they were so lovely I still have them. He’s an architect… I think an ability to draw might be a prerequisite.

I hope Booger is a deep sleeper like I am instead of a crazy light sleeper like T.

This is me and my sweet boy cat. I'm not actually sleeping since the light is on (and I'm propped up on an additional pillow) but T thought it would make for a better picture... but I do often sleep with the cat like that - he puts himself there and I just enjoy it

This is me and my sweet boy cat. I’m not actually sleeping since the light is on (and I’m propped up on an additional pillow) but T thought it would make for a better picture… but I do often sleep with the cat like that – he puts himself there and I just enjoy it

I hope Booger likes to cook, because I sure as heck don’t!

I hope Booger has a love of animals. I’m pretty sure that’s a learned trait though… so I think we’ll be ok.

I hope Booger is willing to try new things from foods to adventures like T and I are.

Of course I will love my child completely even if he/she doesn’t get a single one of these traits… although I’m really hoping for the dark hair or dark freckles… otherwise he/she might just be too transparent to find!

Do you have any silly wishes for your kids (real or hypothetical)? Any traits of yours or your partner’s that you’d want passed along?


New House: Major Flaw Already Discovered!

So the move happened on Saturday (and on Sunday…) As with any move, it was stressful and more work than we thought. I’ll post more about that later though.

I figure I’ll start with a major flaw we discovered on the first night we slept there.

Let me start with a little back story on some of the home renovations we did before moving in: the floors upstairs. The bedrooms are all upstairs and the floors are a soft wood (I think my wonderful boyfriend said pine). When we bought the house, two of the rooms were painted an old, scuffed up, chipping, unfortunate, dark brown. The color itself wasn’t terrible, but the condition was. The master bedroom was painted gray… like auto primer gray (touching it felt like nails on a chalkboard sounds, I don’t know how to describe it well… but I hated having to go near that floor with anything other than shoes). Both of the colors were so matte and flat. They were sort of depressing.

Something needed to be done. Our original plan was carpets! Then we priced that out… and we decided to add it to the list of improvements that we’d totally do… in the future… when we had saved more money. 

Our next plan was to refinish the floors. We were refinishing the hardwood floors downstairs anyway (and they came out beautifully!) We asked the guy who was working on the other floors what he thought and if he could give us a quote. He told us that there was so much paint on the floors (so many coats of different colors over the decades) and so many gouges, that in order to really make the floors lovely, he would have to sand off a TON! To the point where it wouldn’t make financial sense (he was such a great guy! I wish I could remember his last name, I’d recommend him to everyone in the area!).

In the end, we just decided to paint the floors again until we felt comfortable spending money on the carpets. We chose a glossy, black paint. And it looks awesome! I really love it!

unfortunately, we discovered the massive problem with our plan on the first night we moved in…

The paint color was probably called something like “Raven” or “Nightshade” but it could have been called “Tuxedo Cat Black!” Seriously, when our cats are army crawling on the floor (out of fear – this was their first move, I’ll post about that sometime too) and all of their white parts are concealed, we can’t see them against the floor! The shine and color of their fur perfectly matches the shine and color of the floor! Oops!!!

I would have taken a picture and included it… but it would have felt a little like Where’s Waldo? So instead, here’s a fur reference with my sweet boy cat sleeping on a couch in the old apartment:

Tuxedo Cat Napping

Thankful for Her…

I had a pretty stressed out end to my week/weekend.

First I should mention that I’m a huge animal person. Dog person, cat person, doesn’t matter to me, I love them all. My mom grew up on a dairy farm, and I think she instilled a sense of empathy to me and my brother. She was always the first person trying to rescue every little, baby bunny or half-dead animal she found while we were growing up.

Now, I have 2 cats because I live in a relatively small apartment.

Little boy on the left, little girl on the right

Because the apartment is so small, but we do have a backyard, they spend most days outside (and they prefer it that way). Well, they both went out on Thursday, but then it POURED all afternoon!

When I came home, no kitty came inside immediately. Kind of odd, especially for a rainy day. Eventually my little, boy kitty came inside, got dried off and gobbled down his dinner. By 9 pm, my little girl cat was still nowhere to be found. This was very odd. Typically she’s yelling at me if I’m 5 minutes late for dinner. Now she was 3 hours late, it was still pouring, and it was starting to get really cold.

Here’s the thing, her nicknames are Princess and Prissy Pants. She will actually come inside to use the litter box and then prance back outside because she doesn’t like going to the bathroom outside. She got locked in the basement by accident one night and even though it has a dirt floor, she still waited to go to the bathroom so she could use the box. She’s prissy and always clean. This is her general attitude:

Not actually my little girl, but the sentiment is right.

She never came home on Thursday, and she has NEVER missed dinner. She never came home on Friday, and it rained all day. On Saturday, I was freaking out and still no cat! I figure if she had missed two dinners, she was probably dead, especially because it was nice on Saturday. My poor boyfriend was having dreams about her being eaten by wild animals and I was looking on the side of every road to see if she had been hit. I even called Animal Control on Saturday to see if anyone had found her. She’s a pretty friendly, little girl, so I thought maybe with all the rain, she had convinced someone to let her into their house. No such luck.

We went out for about an hour to watch my boyfriend’s niece’s soccer game. I know I was completely not fun because I was just so upset about her. We were gone for about an hour all day, and yet, when we got home, there she was sitting on the front porch begging to be let inside! I felt so much relief seeing her little face!

She stank of oil and her little, white feet were black with filth. I’m pretty sure she was locked in someone’s garage. I’m guessing by accident.

It was a stressful few days and I’m so glad she came home! With Thanksgiving being this week, I know I’m thankful for both of my cats who make my life brighter with their silly antics. Plus, their 3rd birthday is Sunday! I would have LOST IT if she didn’t make it to her birthday!

This is how she spent today (she's on the guest bed)

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