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I’m Not That Lady: Passionate About Birth Plans

Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with being “that lady.” In fact, I think in all of the situations where I think about “that lady,” “she” is the standard and I’m the odd duck. And feeling like an odd duck, I thought I would take to the blogging world to hopefully find other odd ducks with me. I’m not trying to bash “that lady,” I think the world wants me to be “that lady” and I’m just not good at it. If you are that lady, rock out and go you! Read the first in this series: Counting in Weeks

I’m over 75% complete with baking this bun in my oven, and the more I start to waddle, the more I’m asked about “my birth plan” (which is really just a gateway for other mamas to tell me what they think I should do… but I go with it because most of the time, I like hearing other people’s experiences and stories). Honestly, I’m so lackluster about “my plan,” I think I’m a disappointment to most people.

If you’ve never had to write a birth plan, let me quickly explain it to you (as I didn’t quite understand it before I had to do it). A birth plan is basically a one or two page written list of what you want from your labor experience. My hospital gave me the plan as a form I had to fill out. Here are examples of the questions:

  • Are you planning on an epidural or natural childbirth?
  • What would you like for pain management techniques? (This was followed by an entire list: hypnobirthing, jacuzzi, massage, focal point, breathing, change in position, etc, etc, etc – I checked everything except hypnobirthing because that requires a fee-based class. Otherwise, I’m willing to try anything!)
  • Would the father/partner like to cut the umbilical cord?
  • Would you like to keep the placenta?
  • As this is a teaching hospital, would you allow students/residents at your delivery?
  • And this continues on for 2 pages…

Plunging baby

When people are questioning me about my birth plan, the typical questions I receive are:

  • Are you planning to deliver au natural or a planned c-section?
  • Do you want an epidural?
  • Are you going to breast-feed or bottle-feed?
  • Are you going to deliver in a hospital or at home? (while I appreciate the home birth choice – both T and I each have a younger brother who were born at home – I like the idea of a medical team ready for my first one. It’s the only one I really care about)

(Often-times these actually come as a statement: You should do [this].)

Here’s the thing, I’m not really passionate about any of these things and here’s why:

  • I had a friend who was super passionate about childbirth without an epidural and her son decided he wanted out 5 weeks early. He was still breech and was born by c-section.
  • Another friend was super passionate about breastfeeding. Three days after her daughter was born, she felt as though she was only producing blood and no breast milk. She felt like she was starving her daughter and switched to formula. Everyone was happier.
  • Another friend also had a c-section but felt like it was forced on her without a medical reason and she regrets not standing up for herself.

All of these friends went through some level of guilt for not following their plan. And I think that’s so sad! I wish they didn’t have the guilt, because they all have great kids!

So here is the birth plan that I am passionate about: give birth to a healthy baby! Period.

Baby birth plan

Everything else is gravy (and sooooo out of my control!). Would I like to avoid a c-section and an epidural? Absolutely. (Mainly because I’ve already had an epidural with a spinal surgery I had 14 years ago and I don’t really want any association with this experience to that one).

Would I like to avoid an episiotomy? Heck yes! But if I need one, so be it.

Will T be cutting the umbilical cord? No. We’ll be psyched if he manages not to pass out. 🙂

To everyone who is “that lady” and is passionate about a birth plan: I wish you luck! I genuinely hope you get everything you want!

As for me… well, I just feel like this is one event in life where I have zero control, so why bother pin hopes and dreams on it? As long as everyone is breathing and healthy at the end, I’ll be psyched!

I’d love to hear  your birth plan vs reality stories!


Moving Day!

Today is our moving day! We’ve packed our boxes. We’re loading the U-Haul today and we’ll be off to the new place!

Wish us luck!

neighbor doormat

Student Loan Debt

This post has nothing to do with motivation (unless I count it as “one reason I’ll never be a stay at home mom” or “A job? Yes, please!”). I have strong feelings about student loan debts and the lack of financial education given to students taking out school loans (and how it will affect them for the REST of their lives). I’ve tried to write about those strong feelings here, but they always become VERY rant-like and I delete them. So I thought I would share this instead (since I stumbled across it this week…)

I hope you enjoy!


Vegie Humor – Zombies

One more post before Thanksgiving to make fun of vegetarians and cheer myself up!


Vegie Humor – Barbeque

In honor of Thanksgiving and to cheer myself up about it, as mentioned here, I’m posting silly humor about vegetarians! I hope it also makes you laugh.

How I often feel at barbeques:

And the Holiday Season Begins…

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. And to be totally honest, as these major holidays go, Thanksgiving is my least favorite. In fact, I almost hate it. I used to just have a “meh” attitude towards it, but then I started having to share Thanksgiving and it all spiraled out of control.

I know many people love Thanksgiving (heck, it’s my super awesome boss’s favorite). I understand, that unlike many of the other holidays, it’s not all about shopping and gifts and commercialism. It’s about family… and turkey…

And that’s pretty much why I don’t love the holiday… I’m a vegetarian so… eh… on the turkey. Although my mother makes a lovely spread. But now that my wonderful boyfriend and I share Thanksgiving, we go to both family’s houses. It means a total of 5 hours of driving, missing parts of meals, and being generally stressed about leaving early/arriving late. Plus, there is a huge change in mental attitudes from one house to the next. One house is super chill, in fact it’s “pajamas Thanksgiving” so we can all be thankful about being comfortable! The other house has a lot more people, is super chaotic, is formal, and generally a little more stressful. It’s a little complicated to switch gears that drastically.

We’ve thought about only going to one… but that wouldn’t fly with either family… and we don’t think the families would mix well… So while for many this is a holiday about family… for us it’s also a little about obligations to family. Please don’t get me wrong though, I do love both families and I do love the idea of taking a day out of life to really focus on all that we’re thankful for. It’s nice to stop and notice all of the blessings in one’s life. I do really love that part about the day.

It’s just one day and we’ll all survive. But! To keep my spirits up for this day I thought I would post little Thanksgiving or vegetarian jokes/cartoons leading up to Thursday. You have to be able to laugh at yourself right?

So here’s the first one (I posted it last year, but I still love it):

Election Day – Snark

Obviously, this is not a political blog, but I found some non-partisan election humor that I’d like to share:



I hope you vote today (or if your state’s voting opened early, I hope you’ve voted by today). One of the great things about our country is that we can vote, so I hope you do!

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