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I Can Make It!

In my last post, I was very excited about having tonight off. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and I forgot that I have a meeting tonight. This silly fact, which felt like a devastating blow, made me consider the rest of my upcoming schedule.

I won’t have a single free night until well into February. In fact, I will go 3 full weeks without having a night off (plus that includes working on weekends).

How have I made it through the last week and a half?


Lots and lots of caffeine.

The only downside to that is that I won’t fall asleep until about 12 hours after I finish the cup. I learned that the hard way when I was still staring at the clock at 4 am.

I also don’t eat well when I miss having dinner at home. I think for dinner last night I had a glass of milk… but it’s kind of hazy. One of my many goals this weekend is to make some lasagna and freeze it, so I have on-the-go meals for a while (as a vegetarian, it’s often hard to find prepackaged meals or even fast food). But I’ll make it! I can do it!

On the positive side, my limp is completely gone!

For the next week and a half, (besides the caffeine) I’ll be motivating myself (through the use of this blog) with the help of motivational posters, snarky cartoons (to avoid actual whining), and nonsequiturs that make me laugh.


Wash, Rinse, and Repeat!

I made it successfully though last week! Woo!

And now, for another stressful week. Although last night, I realized that I didn’t have any meetings or events, so to celebrate I went running!

I’ve mentioned that I made a goal for myself to run an 8 minute mile and a mile at a 4.0 incline (separately) by Feb 1st. I didn’t get in enough running during school break to be even remotely close to that goal. I’ve decided to move that goal back to April 1st. But I’m not doing so terribly. I took almost 2 weeks off because last week was so busy, but last night I was able to:

  • run one 9 minute mile
  •  walk 1/2 mile
  •  run 1/2 mile at a 4.0 incline (I totally thought I was going to fall off the back of the treadmill, but didn’t so life is good!)
  • walk 1/2 mile at a 4.0 incline
  • run 1/2 mile at a 4.0 incline (I technically ran a full mile at the incline! I just need to be able to do it together… but I’m sure I’ll get there)
  • run .6 mile with no incline
  • walk 1/2 mile
  • run 1/2 mile

Total: ran 3.1 miles, walk 1.5

It’s all split up, but at least I technically ran a 5k in there. I’m still trying to work back up to running 8 miles like before. It’s hard on the treadmill though, you can’t say things like “oh, I’ll just run to that lamp-post; well now that I’m here, I’ll go to that street sign, etc” until before you know it, you’ve run for 2 hours without stopping. So I might just hold that dream until I can run outside again.

After running the “hill” my left knee started to hurt. I think I strained my hamstring. I’ve got an *adorable* limp today, but I thinking it’s going to heal quickly.

This week is going to be just as bad as last week:

  • Monday (yesterday): running
  • Tuesday: class
  • Wednesday: first rehearsal of the high school musical I’m directing
  • Thursday: night off! (ok, I’ll really be doing lots of homework, but I can pretend it’s a night off)
  • Friday: seeing Steel Magnolias at a local community theater
  • Saturday: working my 2nd job
  • Sunday: more musical rehearsals

Phew! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!

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