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My Story About Living in the Boston Area Last Friday

I originally wasn’t going to write this, because it’s sooooo dull! But then I was thinking about all of the people who read this blog regularly enough that it feels like we’re friends (the 2 of you?) and you might live far enough away that you haven’t heard a ton of these stories from all of your friends/family/neighbors like I have.

This really all started because Jill and sent me an e-mail last Friday (when the city of Boston was on lockdown for the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – aka the second Boston Marathon bomber). Jill so sweet that she was checking in to make sure I was alright! I was fine. But it really made me think about how we worry about people we’ve never actually met because they feel like real friends! If this happened in Pittsburgh, I would have been worrying about Jill.

So if anyone has been curious about my “harrowing ordeal” here it is:

Timeline of my day on Friday:

6:05 am – My wonderful boyfriend woke me up to let me know that the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority – aka our public transportation) was shut down for the day. He wanted my opinion on if I thought he should drive to work (because he normally takes a train into Boston). I’m not a morning person and my response was a groggy mess.

6:15 – T gets an e-mail from his office letting him know that the city is locked down and his office was closed for the day. He then mentioned to me that since he works in (an area of the city aptly named) “Government Center” – his sidewalks have been flooded with Homeland Security and FBI employees with weapons literally hanging off of them all week. I’m glad he didn’t tell me that sooner… (By 7: 05, my boss had sent me a text telling me to work from home even though our office is in the suburbs, she didn’t think it was work commuting on that kind of day).

6:20 am – T reads the news story about the first shoot out in Watertown that mortally injured the older brother.

We are both so grateful for the timing of our move! We moved way out to the suburbs on April 1st! Our rental was one block from Watertown. Whenever I used to talk about my favorite running path (that I walked a block to), that was in Watertown!

To be honest, I felt completely safe the entire time – because we were so far away (at least… 30 minutes feels far away).

I did spend a lot of the day reading my friend Stacy’s Facebook feed though. It turns out that she lives 5 houses away from where the second kid was found hiding in that boat. Stacy had SWAT teams in and constantly outside of her house starting at 2 am on Friday morning. She also said that she felt safe the entire time and the only major bummer was that she couldn’t order pizza delivery! That’s Stacy’s sense of humor for you!

Maybe we wouldn’t have felt as safe if this had gone on for an insane amount of time or if they had never found the culprits. But less than a week of craziness really wasn’t that unbearable.

Things that have driven me a little crazy though:

I hate hearing the news describe Watertown as “a sleepy little hamlet,” “a peaceful, out of the way suburb,” etc. Don’t get me wrong, Watertown is awesome and I recommend it to anyone as a sweet place to live. But a hamlet, really? Watertown is by no means “back woods!” It literally borders Boston! Here is the description of Watertown from the town’s website:

Watertown population

Sure, it’s no Brooklyn, but it’s also not a cow town for goodness sakes!

Also, I hate that politicians feel free to make comments like this:

Politician Tweet

Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, to be fair. However, I imagine most of the people inside the “perimeter” were happy to have SWAT teams!!! And as a civilian, I’m glad other civilians didn’t have massive assault weapons – I would have been worried about the safety of the SWAT men and women! But that’s just me. I’m not trying to start a political debate. I just wish others wouldn’t say something so callous while our city felt a little under attack… just saying…

I have loved all of the outpouring of wonderful from all over the country. Runners holding races to honor the marathon victims. Any sports team or media outlet that said everyone was a Boston sports fan that week. Anyone with a sign saying “Boston Strong,” “We are Boston,” or anything else the felt like love towards the people of Boston. Thank you all! It was so appreciated!

Also, I find things like this enjoyable:

And I think that includes all of the federal agents who helped as well!


So thank you for your concern! We’re doing well here in Massachusetts and invite you to visit! We’re safe! And despite the rumors, we’re actually kind of friendly… 🙂


Marathon Monday…

I was originally going to post something today about how this is the first year in almost 5 years since I’ve lived almost on the Boston Marathon route… it seems ridiculous now.

If you haven’t heard, please check out the news from the Boston Marathon:

2 explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon around 4 hours and 9 minutes into the race. As of this minute, the Boston Police Department are reporting that 2 people have died and 28 are injured. Obviously that toll will continue to climb as the chaos is sorted.

Obviously, this is tragic. I’m saddened both for Bostonians and for the running community. My heart goes out to anyone who was in the area and was affected and their families. Additionally, my heart goes out to all of those people who had trained hard to make a dream come true and don’t get to finish after hours of running.

The few people I know to check on at the moment are safe.

My love and prayers to anyone (and their families) in that area!

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