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New House: Major Flaw Already Discovered!

So the move happened on Saturday (and on Sunday…) As with any move, it was stressful and more work than we thought. I’ll post more about that later though.

I figure I’ll start with a major flaw we discovered on the first night we slept there.

Let me start with a little back story on some of the home renovations we did before moving in: the floors upstairs. The bedrooms are all upstairs and the floors are a soft wood (I think my wonderful boyfriend said pine). When we bought the house, two of the rooms were painted an old, scuffed up, chipping, unfortunate, dark brown. The color itself wasn’t terrible, but the condition was. The master bedroom was painted gray… like auto primer gray (touching it felt like nails on a chalkboard sounds, I don’t know how to describe it well… but I hated having to go near that floor with anything other than shoes). Both of the colors were so matte and flat. They were sort of depressing.

Something needed to be done. Our original plan was carpets! Then we priced that out… and we decided to add it to the list of improvements that we’d totally do… in the future… when we had saved more money. 

Our next plan was to refinish the floors. We were refinishing the hardwood floors downstairs anyway (and they came out beautifully!) We asked the guy who was working on the other floors what he thought and if he could give us a quote. He told us that there was so much paint on the floors (so many coats of different colors over the decades) and so many gouges, that in order to really make the floors lovely, he would have to sand off a TON! To the point where it wouldn’t make financial sense (he was such a great guy! I wish I could remember his last name, I’d recommend him to everyone in the area!).

In the end, we just decided to paint the floors again until we felt comfortable spending money on the carpets. We chose a glossy, black paint. And it looks awesome! I really love it!

unfortunately, we discovered the massive problem with our plan on the first night we moved in…

The paint color was probably called something like “Raven” or “Nightshade” but it could have been called “Tuxedo Cat Black!” Seriously, when our cats are army crawling on the floor (out of fear – this was their first move, I’ll post about that sometime too) and all of their white parts are concealed, we can’t see them against the floor! The shine and color of their fur perfectly matches the shine and color of the floor! Oops!!!

I would have taken a picture and included it… but it would have felt a little like Where’s Waldo? So instead, here’s a fur reference with my sweet boy cat sleeping on a couch in the old apartment:

Tuxedo Cat Napping


National Black Cat Appreciation Day

One of my friends, as a fellow black cat owner, just made me aware that today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day! Granted, I own tuxedo cats and not solid black cats, but I think that still counts.

Why was National Black Cat Appreciation Day created? Here’s the answer as written by

“Due in part to the current economic conditions and high unemployment rate, many animal shelters across the country are inundated with unwanted, unloved, neglected and abused animals. And in many locations, black cats and dogs have the lowest adoption rate and highest euthanasia rate simply because the color of their fur. Black cats are often falsely associated with bad luck and superstition.

Wayne Morris created the annual event in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of black cats and to encourage folks across the country to adopt these often maligned and misunderstood animals. Some shelters around the nation are offering special deals on black cat adoptions.”

Check out the website for more details (and for an adorable slideshow of black cats).

Black cats, like any other colored cats, can make wonderful pets! I hope you’ll give some love to a black cat (or a shelter) today.

And here is just a little sample of my black cats:

They used to like to snuggle

My little boy cat “hiding” in a tissue box when he was a kitten

My boy cat prefers to sleep with a pillow (on the couch)

My girl cat prefers to spread out!

Happy National Black Cat Appreciation Day!




A Game of Cat and Mouse

I wish I had a picture for you or even a video, but alas, I don’t. However, I still want to share the ridiculous image of my night. My black cat was chasing a tiny mouse around the backyard. I was chasing the cat (chasing the mouse) around the backyard… in socks… with a flashlight so I could actually see the cat! Oh, and yelling “come back or you’ll get eaten by a coyote!” (There are posters along my running path warning that coyotes are in the area eating small house pets such as cats and little dogs – yes, I do live in a VERY close suburn to Boston… who knew coyotes were so metropolitan?). Plus while I’m running around in socks, waving a flashlight, chasing the cat, chasing the mouse, yelling about coyotes, I’m also waving his filled dinner bowl around trying to lure him to an already dead dinner.

Oh the ridiculous things I’ll do at night to get my cat back in the house.

Thank goodness it was dark or my neighbors would have had tickets to see the best clown show in town!

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