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It’s All in the Timing

Wow, I went from zero to sixty in the last few weeks. Of course I mean speeds. I had nothing going on a few weeks ago and this week, I’ve got tons going on. I was talked into directing a one-act play for a festival. Originally, I wasn’t really feeling it. I was still super tired from my Master’s Thesis. And this is summer. And I was stuck in a lazy rut and I was ok with staying there… sort of.

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But I went to the auditions. And I started rehearsals. And at the first rehearsal, my mind-set totally changed, like a light switch. I loved my cast! They are wonderful, wonderful human beings. AND there were only 3 of them!

Typically, I work with a community theater group and a high school pretty far outside of Boston. And I always see the goal as casting as many people as possible because it usually equals greater ticket sales. My last show had 14 people (and was only 40 minutes long). I think the last time I had fewer than 10 people was 10 years ago when I was in college and it was just a 10 minute directing project for a class. Oh… actually I did a show in grad school that had a 3 person cast as well (but was so prop heavy it was absurd). I think the best part of having a small cast is getting to know all of them (and the ability to hear all of their questions).

This play? 10 minutes long, 3 actors, 4 props, 2 light cues – that’s it! Easy peasey! AND I had a stage manager! She is awesome! 

Plus, the play is in Boston which for some reason is just making me feel a little hipper. And, the festival is being produced by one of my grad school friends. He decided that all of the shows had to be from a collection by David Ives called All in the Timing. I LOVE All in the Timing. I really recommend it. All of the plays are short and quirky. They also have a common theme (umm… time/space and how it can affect us?) I love when festivals have a theme. It feels cohesive.

Anyway, this last week was tech week. If you’re not a theater nerd, tech week is when all of the technical aspects of a show are introduced: costumes, lights, sound effects, etc. In some circles, it’s known as hell week. While my show was no stress, the time commitment is still there (and this week I have to stick around and support the other 5 one-acts). It’s been the kind of week where I haven’t seen my boyfriend at all (and we live together), well, at least I haven’t seen him awake. It’s also the kind of week where I’m eating random things and calling it “dinner.” You know, like a tomato, 4 crackers, 3 slices of cheese, and a lima bean (not really on the lima bean, but have you ever noticed that when people try to impress you with how little they have eaten, they always throw in some random singular object that makes no sense?)

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and the whole motivation thing isn’t going well. Just motivating myself to get out of bed is the key. I’ve spent the week tired and hungry. But last night’s show was great! (Last night was opening night) The audience laughed way more than I thought they would (which was already a lot). I’ve never worked with the other directors or any of the actors so this was a great chance for me to meet new people and see work I’d never seen before. That was really my motivation for going to that first audition and I’m so glad I didn’t opt for the lazy way out.  

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And tomorrow I get to wake up early and do the Color Run! Woo!


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