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Farewell Pedometer

That’s right, I’ve stopped using my pedometer.

I had been starting to lose faith in it.

I first started to doubt it because told me that my typical loop was 4.5 miles, the pedometer told me that my typical loop was only around 3. That seems like a huge difference. Then one day, I went for a longer run. It told me that I had done about 6.5 miles. For just one leg (the new area where I had never gone before), my pedometer said I had gone 1.67 miles. However, last week, I clocked 2/3 of  that leg while driving on the closest parallel street, and just that 2/3 was over 2 miles.

Plus, there was the falling. First, it had come unclipped and fell to the ground while I was running one day. Second, it had fallen off while getting out of the car, hit the driveway and rolled under a tire. Third, it fell off when I walked into my boss’s office one day. Just poof, on the ground for no reason. I think all of the falling was really getting to it.

It told me one day last week that I had only walked about 2700 steps. That was a full day at work and I had gone to the grocery store (a place where I do a lot of walking). 2700 steps is worse than one of my average sedentary days. I refuse to believe it.

Finally, I tested it again. I walked from the elevator in my building to my cube. It’s a nice, straight path. I counted 97 steps. My pedometer counted 86. So roughly for every 100 steps I take, my pedometer doesn’t count 10 of them. 10% seems like a significant loss to me. And that’s on a straight, easy path. What was it losing if I had to move around people or objects?

Not my actual office... but it's the same general idea

I’m pretty bummed about it. I liked having something to motivate me to go a little further everyday and hold me accountable. Plus, I never got to find out how many steps I walk on nights I have class because I did this over summer break. 

What do you think, should I try getting another one (perhaps a different type) or just push myself without an aide?


Trying to Boost Myself Up

I’m feeling generally down on myself today.

I didn’t go running all weekend (because of social time, cleaning, and a lovely date with my boyfriend – all good things, I know). I didn’t go running today either because it’s cold and raining (and I’m a lousy weather wuss).


Today I’ve been contemplating if I want to audtion for a play tomorrow. Here’s the main question: Do I want to add something else to my plate this year? If I were to be cast in the play, I would most likely be out of the house 5 nights a week. I’m not sure how I feel about that. There are a ton of reasons pro and con running through my head right now and I don’t know which will win. I’ll let you know later in the week.

It was a pretty lame day, I’ll I’ve got for you is my pedometer reading for the week:

  • Tuesday4234, 1.73 miles, 104
  • Wednesday: 5586, 2.29 miles, 1.27
  • Thursday: 8332, 3.41 miles, 206 kcal (worked from home, so this was only my run at night)
  • Friday: 3236, 1.32 miles, 75 kcal
  • Saturday: 1402, .54 miles, 32 kcal (didn’t wear it during the day while cleaning or while at the grocery store… so this was only a trip to the movie theater)
  • Sunday: 1561, .64 miles, 26 kcal (this was only while doing the dishes, I took it off for the barbeque)
  • Today: 2729 steps, 1.11 miles, 65 kcal (wow, this is pretty sad for a week day)

Wow, even that’s pretty lame!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


My New Pedometer

In an effort to actually know how far I was running/walking, I bought myself a pedometer. I also partially bought it because I heard of this book (and effort):


Ok honestly, I’m not going to buy the book. My reasoning is that I can pretty much guess what it’s going to say. Here are my guesses:

  • Park farther away from the door (or at the back of the parking lot)
  • If you sit on the 4th floor (like I do), take the stairs and use the bathroom on the 1st floor
  • Walk the long way to get somewhere you’re headed (such as: my cube)
  • Walk.

Apparently, 10,000 steps is approximately 5 miles for the average person. Additionally, the average person (us sedentary folks) walks only about 1k-3k steps per day.

I figure last week was my control week. I was covered in poison ivy so I didn’t run or exercise in hopes of not making it worse (it worked). Also, I didn’t have class at all, so it was me at my most sedentary.

Here are the results for the past week:

  • Tuesday, 3450 steps, 1.41 miles, 87 kcal
  • Wednesday, 3619 steps, 1.48 miles, 95 kcal
  • Thursday, 5226 steps, 2.14 miles, 103 kcal
  • Friday, 100 steps, .04 miles (all soon after midnight, I didn’t wear it on our drive to the Cape… left it at home… but I stayed out very late on Thursday night and the pedometer resets at midnight)
  • Saturday, 0 (left it at home while we played on Cape)
  • Sunday, 15965 steps, 6.55 miles, 406 kcal (only my workout of 128 minutes [pedometer timed it], I didn’t wear it the rest of the day)
  • Monday (aka yesterday), 0 (I forgot my pedometer at home)

I’m a little bummed that I forgot it at home yesterday because I walked around Boston last night and I would have liked to have seen that number.

So it appears that when I’m sitting around, I reach that “average person” number of 3,000 steps. Hopefully this week, I can see that number grow. From what I understand, the book suggests slowly increasing your number by 500 steps per week. I guess that makes my goal for this week 4k steps per day. I’m pretty sure I can do it.

A few notes though, I never wear it when I’m at home. It’s not really comfortable to have it on my hip as I’m cuddling on the couch. Also, I don’t trust it entirely in my little house. I’ve noticed that sometimes it won’t count a bunch of steps if I turn around too quickly, and I tend to turn around when at home (from the couch to the kitchen to the couch again, it won’t count half my trip).

Speaking of not trusting it… I’ve noticed that if it’s on my right hip and I bounce my right leg while sitting, the pedometer counts that as steps. However if it’s on my right hip and I bounce my left leg, it doesn’t count it. I feel like it’s cheating to just move around and have that count as steps, but at the same time I wonder: should it count? It is constant movement after all (as it only counts it if there is at least 4 seconds of movement). 

What do you think about the leg bounce/step counting? Do you do anything now that increases the number of steps you take per day?

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