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A Good Night Out

Last night was fabulous! I spent it with my best friends (including my boyfriend) checking out an Indian restaurant. The food was delicious and the place was adorable!

This is what we shared between the 5 of us (I wish I had pictures):

  • Papadum (one of my personal addictions, these were a little greasy, but otherwise good)
  • PaneerĀ Pakoras
  • Vegetable Samosas
  • Plain naan
  • Peshwari naan
  • Aaloo Gobi
  • Vegetable Khorma
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • And something very spicy that I didn’t eat because it had chicken, looking over the menu, I’m guessing it was Achar Chicken
  • And I had a Mango Lassi

I LOVE Indian food! Mainly because, as a vegetarian, I have tons of choices and they are all flavorful! No plain, steamed veggies here! It was delicious and the place was fabulous! I will absolutely being going again! I’ll just need to find more companions. Two of my co-diners last night (one of my best friends and her husband) are moving half-way across the country this weekend.

I will miss them terribly! But the upside is that I can test out other restaurants in another city when I visit them.

However, the radio helped wake me up again this morning by playing this:

Yep, that got me going for the day to get out of bed and head to work!

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