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Anniversaries and Neurons

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting my neurologist. I have this pleasure every six months, so it’s nothing new (and I’m not being sarcastic, it’s really not that bad to see her). But today was my two year anniversary with her! Well… technically Wednesday was.

Now, I’ve mentioned my neurological issues before. But this is actually a different issue and a different doctor… because my surgery was done at children’s hospital and now I’m a grown up and needed to find someone else… and I don’t need a neurosurgeon for this, just a regular neurologist.

I always find it funny going to see her, because she always hates her diagnosis because I’m atypical with some of my symptoms, but by the end she ends up agreeing with her diagnosis. Today, not so! So I get to go have an MRI. I have an MRI taken about every 3 years, so nothing to worry about. Heck, in the month of February of 1999, I went for 3 different MRI sessions (and then one 6 months later… and then one 6 months after that). Personally, I find MRIs to be easy. The tube is womb-like and it’s just somewhere to nap for 45 minutes. Some people say they are loud, but at least it’s usually rhythmic.

MRI image of a brain... but not mine because I can't remember where I put my last MRI films...

So I guess in the next few weeks we’ll find out if my doctor still thinks I’m suffering from atypical trigeminal neuralgia or not. If you’re wondering what that is, it means that the muscles on the right side of my face go into spasm (the atypical part) and it’s a lot of fun. It gets worse if I have hot foods  (the typical part) and I’m a big fan of soup and tea so I like to keep this taken care of.

Two years and nine months ago, I hadn’t yet been diagnosed and I just suffered with half of my face, head, and neck in spasm. I was a horrible person to pretty much everyone, I didn’t leave my house except to go to work, and I gained 10 pounds (in those 9 months).

I should probably also publicly apologize to the HHS class of 2010. When I was directing their competitive play, I was a giant cranky face (literally). I still feel bad about not being able to give them my all (on a directing and a personal level).

So happy anniversary, doc!

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