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Happy Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween! (Along with Christmas, they are my favorite holidays – because I love decorating!)

This year, I bought a giant pumpkin so I thought I would get creative with carving. Instead of doing my regular, standard jack-o-lantern face, I searched pinterest for some fun ideas. What do you think of my finished project?

Blog Pumpkin

The glowing is just because of a candle lit inside

Also, I enjoyed dressing Baby Girl up. She’s a cheeseburger!

She put herself here after seeing the big kids do it. (At Santa's Village in NH during Halloween Day)

She put herself here after seeing the big kids do it. (At Santa’s Village in NH during Halloween Day)

I went with a theme and tormented the cat (Anne Geddes, I am not!)

Blog version

They didn't really want to participate in this photo. Also, Baby Girl INSISTED on laying with the cat instead of sitting with him.

They didn’t really want to participate in this photo. Also, Baby Girl INSISTED on laying with the cat instead of sitting with him.

Finally, did you hear about the new Teal Pumpkin Project? I wish I had learned about this earlier and shared it with everyone sooner, but here is an explanation from the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) group

Teal Pumpkin Text

I have the poster hanging on my house and will be giving out vampire teeth. (next year I’ll plan better and choose something that doesn’t go in the mouth… just in case!) And in case you’re wondering, teal is the designated color for food allergies. Check out the FARE Blog for more info.

Happy Halloween to all!


Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween! I LOVE Halloween! It’s just a fun holiday! Plus, if it’s not “your thing,” you don’t have to participate, there’s no real pressure. My favorite part is the costumes! Home made, store-bought; funny, silly, scary, cute: whatever, I love it! 

This is our first Halloween in our new house so I don’t know how many trick-or-treaters we’ll see. In our last place, the most we saw in any one year during our 4 years was 5 kids and the least we saw was 1… ugh last year was depressing…. I hope we get a ton at our new place, but I have low hopes. There are a few 12 year olds on the street but that’s it. Also, we’re at the top of a large hill. I don’t know how many kids want to burn a lot of calories just to get chocolate…. But here’s hoping!

My office invites all of the staff’s kids to come in and trick-or-treat a few days before Halloween. They also set up a conference room as a photography studio and they take pictures of all of the kids. Since Baby Girl can’t eat candy yet (and I doubt anyone is handing out oatmeal…), I was pumped about the pictures!

Baby Girl was a dancing monkey:

Happy Monkey

But she was super hot and uncomfortable, so most of her photo shoot looked like this:

I'm probably a bad parent, but I think this picture is hilarious! (it wasn't a fun moment, but the picture is funny!)

I’m probably a bad parent, but I think this picture is hilarious! (it wasn’t a fun moment, but the picture is funny!)

Her costume lasted about a minute and a half. 😦 We took it off and the receptionist was nice enough to take a few pictures of Baby Girl in her skeleton outfit (it glows in the dark!). Yeah, always have a back up plan!

The dancing monkey costume may not have made it, but I figured I keep the tutu anyway...

The dancing monkey costume may not have made it, but I figured I’d keep the tutu anyway…

Happy Halloween!

What’s Your Top 10?

Before we went down to Philadelphia, one of T’s coworkers (who recently lived in Philly) gave us 4 pages of recommendations for things to do while there. Granted, most of them were food suggestions (organized by category: coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, BYOB, and Cheese steak). But it really got me thinking… would I be able to come up with that kind of list for my own city? I didn’t think so…

On the way home (the 7 hour drive), T and I tried to come up with a Top 10 list of things we would recommend a tourist to see in Boston. We kicked food off the list because really, you’re most likely going to eat at a place that is near where you are…

However, there is one food recommendation I would make: Finale! Finale is a dessert restaurant (they also make some sandwiches and stuff… but really, the attraction is their desserts, which are heavenly!)

From their website, but the food actually looks that good in person too!

It’s near Boston Common… so there is a good chance you’d be in the area…

Ok, so the Top 10 List of things to see in Boston according to me (and T):

1) Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall – I read somewhere once that Quincy Market is the second most popular tourist destination in the county (behind Disney… I don’t know which one or if that includes both… and therefore Quincy Market is really 3rd… I’m not sure). Because I can’t remember the source, I don’t know how true that is, but I can imagine that it’s pretty close because not only do tons of tourists go there, but tons of locals go there on a daily basis as well. Quincy Market is a great place to go for lunch (they have tons of quick, little places) – I would personally recommend MmmmMac and Cheese’s stand (best mac and cheese in the city, and it only costs $4 for the original!). You can really find any kind of food there! Then, you could come back at night for a fancy, sit down dinner at the variety of actual restaurants. And there are some general shops there as well (like souvenir places or run of the mill clothing stores that you could find at any mall)

2) Fenway Park! Not only is it our ball park, but they also celebrated their 100th year this April and are on National Register for Historic Places. You can read more about that aspect on one of my friends’ blogs.

3) Boston Common! You might want to ride the “swan boats” or just wander around. If it’s cold out, you can go ice skating on the “frog pond;” or if it’s warm, you can wade around in it. (Note, the frog pond is just a 3 inch deep, chlorinated pool… there are no actual frogs). You can also find the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue.

And it’s not uncommon to find weirdos taking pictures with the ducks… 😉

4) If you’re a runner, running along the Charles River is lovely! Despite there being a song about our “dirty water” (‘Dirty Water” is a song by the Standells about Boston and the Charles River), the Charles River is now the cleanest urban river in the country! (side note, if you’re a runner and want to run the Boston marathon’s Heartbreak Hill, you’ll have to drive about 15 minutes west of the city… but you’ll be right by my library… so I would run it with you if you want a temporary running buddy… provided I like your blog) 🙂

5) If you’re into shopping, check out Newbury Street (that’s where all the expensive shops are).

6) Take a day trip up to Salem (about 30 minutes north) and check out all of the witch/witch trial stuff (museums, tours, etc). Especially fun around October.

7) Take a Duck Tour. They are totally silly… and you will probably find yourself “quacking” around the city, but you’ll also learn a bunch of fun facts and see some lovely sides of Boston.

They travel on land and in the water

8) Check out “The North End” if you’re looking for some awesome Italian food (go to Mike’s if you want the best cannoli in town… but expect to wait in line).

9) Columbus Park has a really great view of the city.

10) Find Mother Goose’s gravestone (in a cemetery near the Common). She’s also near some other cool people like Paul Revere and John Hancock… or John Adams… let’s be honest, I think Mother Goose is the coolest in that cemetery! I stopped paying attention after I found her. But you should know that there are some other really important, long-dead, people near her.

11) Bonus from T: visit Rowe’s Wharf, also some nice views (and I think shopping… but I can’t remember the last time I was there). Or the Prudential Center.

Museums! If you’re into museums, I would recommend:

  • The Institute of Contemporary Art (aka the ICA)
  • Museum of Fine Art (aka MFA)
  • The New England Aquarium
  • The Science Museum (with the planetarium and the IMAX movie screen with fun, nerdy, science movies… or action packed ones that make me a little dizzy) *this one is my favorite
  • The Children’s Museum (really only fun if you have children…)

So yeah, I think that’s my list… but I feel like I’m missing something really important… Oh! I forgot walking the Freedom trail! (do that with a tour guide though… otherwise you’re just walking along a red line…) One another attraction could be Harvard… but that’s not really a Bostonian thing… it’s not like we all get to go there, we all just get to enjoy the traffic congestion around there.

Where do you live and what would you recommend seeing there? Have you been to Boston or live in/near Boston and think I missed something?

Not Motivation Related… At All!

This has nothing to do with motivation… but a coworker sent it to me and I wanted to share.

I love Halloween and pretty much anything Halloween related!

The comment in orange is from me, the rest was sent to me.


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