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Nervous to Ask a Little Question

I work for a company of about 350 people. I directly support about 60 of those employees and thanks to the company softball team and simply having worked here for 5 years, I would guess I know another 30 – 40 people in the building, maybe more.

I am also one of those people who supports EVERYONE’S stuff: “Your son, the Boy Scout, is selling holiday wreaths? Of course I’ll buy one!” Same goes for:

  • Buying daffodils for the American Cancer Society
  • Buying Girl Scout cookies
  • Buying pies to support Pie in the Sky – a food bank-like fundraiser
  • Donating to someone’s triathlon
  • Donating to someone’s marathon run
  • Donating to someone’s push up challenge to raise money for a food bank

You name it, if someone’s pushing it at work, I’m supporting it.

So when I signed up for the Run to Home Base (aka the Race to Home Base because I like things to rhyme) and I was informed that I would have to raise $1000 (or pay 1k if I couldn’t raise it), I thought “Well I support everyone else, I hope they’ll support me.” (Side note, to any of my friends who I haven’t supported in the last few months – this is why! I feel terrible not supporting you and donating to your causes, but I told myself I wouldn’t support anything until I find out if I’m paying the whole thousand for this event.)

I was planning to send out my little e-mail to my coworkers on March 1st. Now, on the 13th, I still haven’t sent it out. I’ve written it… and reread it… and reread it… about a dozen times, but I’m nervous to send it out. Thoughts I can’t seem to shake:

  • Have I said too much?
  • Have I said too little?
  • Have I just not made it sound like a worthy enough cause?
  • Should I send out the form letter suggested on the website instead?
  • Does the form letter sound too much like a form letter and should I go with what I wrote?

Bah! I suck at this…

Are any of you good at this? Do you have any general suggestions? Should I just “man up,” send it out, and not worry about it? Clearly, I’m overthinking it a bit!

Workin’ It Out!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only Thursday!

Monday’s class was INTENSE! It will be a lot of work, and I’m really going to have to focus hard all semester to keep up. But, I think it’s also the kind of class where I will learn a ton and other people will recognise the types of information one would learn there. I mean I won’t have to explain what the class was about after I graduate. I can say “dramaturgy” and people (in theater) will go “gotcha!” So that’s a major plus!

Tuesday was a week all by itself! I worked 11 hours on Tuesday… which was fun. It was already dark when I got out of work so instead of going on my typical run, I decided to use the gym in the basement of my building. It’s just an office gym, not a membership-requiring, chain gym. So there are only 3 treadmills down there (and I bunch of other stuff but I only care about the treadmill). The best part of going to an office gym at 8 o’clock at night is that I’m the only person there!

Unfortunately, there were a lot of things I didn’t like about using the gym instead of running down my tree-laden path. For starters, across from the treadmill was a full length, floor to ceiling mirror. The last time I had to watch myself in one of those, I was 15. I probably weighed about 98 pounds. I hated it then because I had to watch that I have no sense of rhythm. This time I hated it because I got to watch my flabby knees in action! It was very distracting.

Plus, when I used to work out at the gym, those treadmills showed hundreths of a mile and for some reason, I found that more motivating because it always showed some movement. This treadmill only showed tenths of a mile and it felt like I was stuck in a tenth of a mile FOREVER! Oh, and it showed a little image of a track on the screen and showed progression around that. It would also tell you how many laps around the track you’ve done. I know it’s insane, but it reminded me of high school when I joined the indoor track team. In order to run a mile, we had to go around the track something like 12 or 13 times because our gym was so small. Ugh, it was painful and tedious. I’m surprised I ever went back to running.

Finally (this has nothing to do with the treadmill or the gym, but my own insanity) I always want the treadmill screen to be about an inch in front of my body… that leads to tripping on the front of the machine… which would have been embarrassing if anyone else was there.

Although I sort of fall forward over the machine...

If I get too far back, I’m afraid I’ll fall off. It’s nutty, I know.

Even with my miriad of complaints, I still ran 3.5 miles and walked another .5 because I like even numbers. The benefit to running on the treadmill is that I learned my average speed is about 11:15 per mile. I know it’s slow, but I’m ok with it. It’s actually faster than I thought! I thought I was running a 15 minute mile. I’m not sure if I was running faster or slower on the machine vs outside though.

After the run, I walked outside and was greeted with a lovely breeze and the air smelled so sweet. It would have been so much nicer running outside.

Last night, I went out for the end-of-season softball party!

After being social for 3 hours, I had to drive into Boston to get my professor to sign some paperwork for my second class. Oh, it was a busy night! But on my drive home, the radio played this:

And I certainly felt better!

No Excuses!

I’m sorry for having gone dark for so many days. I’ve been feeling cranky and down for a few days now. I’m working to get out of that funk. So in order to help myself, let me outline for you what I have been able to do since my last post. Maybe if I can celebrate those small victories, I can stop thinking about how I haven’t:

  • gone running
  • gotten anything done on my “to do” list
  • been the best friend to some people
  • taken and enjoyed enough vacation days this summer (I took a total of 5 vacation days June-August,  plus 1 was for a friend’s wedding (rehearsal) and one was so that I wouldn’t work 20 days in a row if you count 8 hour classes on Saturday and Sundays as working… which I am – so really, none of these were fun, relaxing days at the beach… I actually haven’t gone to the beach all summer).

So to stop the whining: what I HAVE done since my last post:

  • Gone camping (I’m not a big fan of sleeping outside, but I am a fan of the people who wanted me to go)
  • Went to the company softball game  and went out for celebratory pizza with them (and was dubbed the “Superest Fan” because I’m the fan who went to the most games!)

  • Went out (on a different night) for drinks with (different) coworkers
  • Released a whole bunch of database changes at work (while it was stressful to me, the staff seems to like the changes… so it’s a win!)
  • Trained the staff of said changes, and those meetings were almost flawless! (aka no crying!)

What do you do to get yourself out of a funk? How do you avoid beating yourself up for silly things?

Other People are Often My Best Motivators

Despite having wavering feelings last night between social and lazy, social won out and I went to the company softball game. I have never been athletic, so I didn’t go for the softball, I went for the pizza and beer afterwards.

Ok... this is a few weeks ago, so there are a few different people and it's at a different place. but you get the idea

And just to make sure no one would try to get me to play (and show off my complete lack of athletic ability), I wore these to the game:

What got me there? What got rid of those lazy feelings? Well… I had told a few people during the day that I was thinking of going. At the end of the work day, a few sent me messages like: “We’re heading over, see you there!” … and I was guilted in! Other people held me accountable. I’m glad I went. It was fun and I’m finally getting to know more of the team (aka my co-workers), so that’s really good!

Plus, one of the players wrote a book! So exciting! It sounds really good too so I got a copy and now I can add it to the tower of books sitting next to my bed, waiting to be read (which I do actually read, but I get so excited about books that I always have a pile ready and waiting.)

All in all, it was a productive night and I’m glad I went. AND, I was home early enough that it wasn’t too much of a struggle to wake up this morning. In fact, I was gently woken up this morning by this song playing on my radio alarm:


Thank you, Monkees, for starting my day off today on the right foot!

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