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People Can Be Awesome!

My birthday was last week. This year, I did almost nothing to celebrate. Quite different than last year, that’s for sure. But this year seems busier and more in flux.

But one thing I did was go to the Butterfly Place in Westford, MA (aka, for you non-MA-residents, the edge of nowhere) with my dad. It’s one of those places that’s kept very warm and is filled with all sorts of butterflies. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. (I totally recommend it to anyone in the area). I even had two butterflies hitch a ride on my shoulder for most of the time I was there. Something I learned: butterflies have eerie little faces. But I was the envy of everyone there, so that was kinda cool. (Note, my dad – who also was a butterfly taxi for a while – and I are older and slower than most of the people – aka small children and the parents chasing after them – who were there).

After the Butterfly Place, I stopped for gas. I was feeling a little flustered and my typical behaviors around filling up my tank changed a little because my dad was in my car. So instead of throwing my wallet on the passenger seat, I put it on the top of my car. I may have also gotten a little distracted by the gurgling of the gas filling my tank and how I hate to use gas station rest rooms. And… for the first time in my life… I left my wallet on the roof of my car… and drove away!

I have NEVER lost my wallet in my entire life! And when I finally figured it out at my parents’ house, I was devastated. My parents called the gas station, but no one had turned it in. We raced back up there to search, but to no avail. The one shining light was that I never carry cash (I have direct deposit and a debit card… what would I need cash for? Plus… I spend cash in ways I can’t account for and it drives me batty). So really, I lost maybe $1.50 in change. I was most concerned about having to replace all of my cards (even my library card… which doesn’t mean much and I doubt someone could use it to steal my identity, but I love my library… and it was the metaphorical straw to this camel’s back). It all seemed so nerve-wracking and time-consuming for such a stupid mistake!

However, on my drive home, some super awesome man named Steve from Westford called my parents. He had found my wallet and wanted to return it! (I may not have changed my address from my parents’ address on my driver’s license even though I haven’t lived there in years… therefore his investigation returned my parents…)

For my birthday, the best gift I received was a boost to my faith in humanity! Thank you to Steve and the universe for returning my wallet! That was awesome and I’m so super grateful and relieved! I’m pretty sure my wallet was run over a few times (the zipper doesn’t work anymore), but buying a new wallet is the least of my worries. I’m just so, so thankful!



Saturday Morning Motivation

Ok… it’s really the afternoon… but I ran a 5k this morning! Woo! I promise to post an update soon. I can’t believe I didn’t post anything all week… it’s because I go from underwhelmed to overwhelmed in the blink of an eye! It’s been quite a busy week. In fact, I’m off to Rhode Island now to  celebrate at my undergraduate university. Yay, alumni weekend! (and the theater department is doing a big hoop-lah, which is the real reason I’m going… but I’m psyched to see people I haven’t seen in years!)

Have a great weekend!

Ten Tales of T

My wonderful boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this month!

So this month, I’m going to post “Ten Tales of T:” ten posts of little memories or pictures to celebrate our love and remember all the fun we’ve had together so far.

I feel like I should start with a little explanation for you, my dear reader. Yes, we’ve been together for 10 years and we’re not married. We actually never plan to get married. He’s on my healthcare (thank you, very liberal employer who allows me to have a “spousal equivalent”), we live together, and we have cats. That’s close enough to married for me. (plus, I always have really complicated taxes – thank you school and multiple jobs – it’s so much easier to file separately) I was never the little girl who fantasized about getting married. It was never a big dream that I’ve had.

We both also have lots of student loan debt and don’t care to add more debt to our lives (our parents wouldn’t be paying for this wedding). Neither of us are religious (neither are our parents – although my father went to 12 years of Catholic school… and hasn’t been back to the church since). And we were both raised by hippies (my parents more so). It’s just not important to us. We understand why it’s valuable to other people, but at the moment, it’s not to us. The only bummer is that we’ve been together for 10 years and I still have to use the word “boyfriend.” It’s not that I want to use the word “husband,” because that’s not it. I just wish I didn’t sound like a 15-year-old girl.

I used the word “partner” for a year or so… but everyone thought I meant a woman (and T is short for a very unique, Celtic name… so no one could easily identify the gender… his name isn’t something easy like Tom). And it’s not that I mind if anyone thinks I’m a lesbian, but then when said new person met him, they were very confused.

On the radio a few months ago, the djs were talking about “cohabitators” (because living together and not getting married is a rising trend apparently, perhaps that’s related to a fact I saw on WeTV that the average wedding costs 30 grand!) and some woman called in and essentially said that straight, cohabitating couples are ruining the sanctity of marriage. That actually really hurt my feelings. How can I ruin something that I don’t even participate in? Personally, I think if she wants to blame people ruining the sanctity of marriage, I think she should start pointing fingers at people who have had 5+ divorces…

According to Wikipedia, he's been married 8 times to 7 women...

Just saying…

So I hope that gives you a little idea about us.  I hope you don’t get the wrong idea though. Even though we’re not married, we’re still completely loyal and loving to just one another. We’re essentially married… we just don’t have the title.

The next post will be more positive, I promise. I think I’ll post about how we met.

The Required New Years Post

I realize this is a bit late, but I’m usually late with everything… and I’m ok with it! 🙂

I’m not the type of person who resolves to change who I am but I like to make goals for my upcoming year. If I don’t achieve the goals, I’m ok with it, but at least if gives me something to strive for and focus on throughout the year. I’ve also learned to keep the list simple if I plan to really work on it. Plus, I can always add something at any time of the year.

So here are my goals for this year so far:

  • Get As in my final two classes this year and graduate in May!
  • Run:
    • a 5k
    • a 9k (it’s a specific race… I know it’s an odd number)
    • and a 10k
  • Celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my super awesome boyfriend 
  • Spend more time with friends (I really should make this more concrete so it feels like an action item and less like a hope… but I’m not quite sure how)

I have this general (most likely crazy) belief that Christmas cards are like a friendship grade at the end of the year.

This is what I call my “wall of popularity:”

These are the Christmas cards I received this year hanging up in my living room… and I’ll probably leave them up until February because they make me happy and they don’t take up any space.

I believe that if you don’t check in with your friends, and you don’t go to their events (birthday parties, weddings, fundraisers, what have you), and you don’t send them things like Christmas cards or birthday wishes or whatever, they will stop sending you Christmas cards which equates to them stopping thinking about you (at least as anything more than just a Facebook friend). Of course your best friends will still love you and not everyone sends cards, but your outer ring of friends will start to drop off.

And the more rings you lose, the fewer friends you have… and I don’t want to be friendless by 50!

Anyway, my popularity wall got smaller this year. I’m certain it’s because of 2 things:

  1. My holiday cards were so late
  2. I probably didn’t make enough time for some people this year

I need to do better next year! (aka this year, 2012)

So those are my goals. What are yours?

Felt My Age…

I have mentioned over and over (and over) that I’ve turned 30. For the first time in my life, I have an experience that made me “feel my age.”

I was in the gym in the basement of my office building (it’s just a little office gym, it’s not like I work above a Planet Fitness or anything), and after 6:30 pm I am almost always the only person there. Personally, I enjoy that because I can just do my own thing and not feel judged. So there I am, alone, having a terrible run and sweating up a storm. At 7 pm, in waltzes this (as Michael Jackson would put it:) “Pretty Young Thing.” She’s probably early 20s, blond (perfect hair!), and tan (in New England in November!). She’s fit and sporting a tank top that ends above her belly button and has “Everlast” written on her perky chest. It seemed like irony to me.

Can you hear my inner voice beating myself up? I often consider myself to be pretty accurately described by my hair color: mousy brown. So, I’m trudging along on my treadmill, with my Irish up (I’m bright red in the face) and my flabby, white knees are running next to her perfect knees. Seriously, the girl could have been a model except that she was only about 5’5”.

Here I am feeling bad about myself when I realize that she’s running the same (slow) pace as I am… in fact, I might have been going a bit faster. She ran 1 mile total and got off the treadmill, I hit my 5th mile. She hops down, does about 25 sit ups and lifts weights for about 5 minutes and then she saunters back out of the gym. She was maybe in there for a total of 30 minutes, maybe. I was still running when she left.

Reality check for me: she was young and looking good, but at least my workout was longer than hers and I was kicking my workout’s butt! (Even though I was tired and feeling weak.)

It made me feel a bit better about me.


And in case you want to groove out to PYT:

How I Celebrated

Ok, I’m pretty sure that this will be my final post about my birthday. I’ll move on, I promise. But I thought I would share with you how I celebrated.

First, I didn’t really have a 30th birthday party… instead I had a celebration to say goodbye to my 20s. Picture an Irish funeral… but for a decade of life…

So I went out and felt young and silly… at a Rocky Horror Show (the play version).

On my actual birthday, my awesome boyfriend created this for me:

That’s right! Cats in hats! (officially a little family party)

I swear, the cats looked a little happier than this before they were blinded by the flash. And in case you can’t see, there are little paw prints on those little party hats (and on Tav’s).

All in all, I had a great time!

And now, to prep for Halloween!


Farewell to a Decade

Well, I have moved into my 30s now. I always try to look at the bright side of things… so here is my attempt at not feeling old.

Farewell to a decade that I loved. During my twenties, a lot of good things happened:

  • I met the love of my life (and we moved in together)
  • I graduated college
  • I figured out “what I wanted to be when I grew up” and started grad school
  • I’ve held 5 jobs
  • I’ve had lots of fun with a community theater
  • I’ve met many wonderful people
  • I’ve seen many of friends get married
  • I’ve seen many of my friends have babies
  • I went through the strongest hurricane on recorded history (at the time, I don’t know if that changed)
  • I’ve lived in another state (although not very far away)
  • I’ve lived in another country (although not for very long)
  • I ran my first 5k 
  • I’ve seen a lot of professional theater

I have visited:

  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles (x2)
  • Chicago
  • Southbeach, FL  (x2)
  • Orlando, FL
  • England (x2)
  • Scotland
  • Belgium
  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Mexico

I expect my 30s will also be a lot of fun. I already know that:

  • I’ll be attending at least 2 weddings.
  • I’ve already got some theater tickets (granted they’re at my school)
  • At least one friend will be having a baby (in two months!) and I’m sure a few more will as well
  • I’ve got a few destinations already picked out for the next few vacations
  • I expect to graduate grad school and start a PhD program
  • I’m already set to run another 5k and I want to run a 9k and a 10k this year

My 30s will be great, right? They’ll be fun and I can still be fit!

What was your favorite decade of life?

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