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Back to Work

That’s right! My maternity leave is over and I’m back to work (and will be back to blogging, too).

First, I need to say that I was tremendously blessed with a maternity leave that lasted 3 months and I was paid 100% of my salary. My company rocks in a major way and I wish more mothers could be equally blessed.

I’ve been back to work for 2 and a half weeks now. I came back on a Thursday as recommended by my HR rep. When I was pregnant, I was convinced that I wanted to come back on a Monday. She suggested that I return on a Thursday or Friday because it makes leaving the baby a little easier, knowing that you’re so close to the weekend and seeing the baby all day again. My HR rep was 100% correct. It really helped!

My first day back was odd. I wanted to just hide out at my desk and avoid the trouble people. (I’m tech support for over 50 people… you can’t like everyone, right?) Instead of getting to hide out, I was slammed with meetings – so strange! But it wasn’t bad and it stopped me from spending the entire day looking at pictures of baby. Although, I did look at them a TON and watched a 30 second video of her laughing at least 6 times… sooo… yeah… maybe it was good that I only spent about 2 hours at my desk…

I hate when my coworkers ask me how I’m doing being back at work. If I don’t say I miss my baby, I’m a terrible mother and if I don’t say I missed (at least some of) my workers, I’m kind of a dick, right?

So here’s the truth. I really miss the baby. No one at my office is so excited to see me that they smile with their entire body – no one is smiling so hard that they kick their feet! However, I can’t be a stay at home mom because I have too much student loan debt. Heck, I can’t even afford to reduce my hours! Ideally, I’d like to reduce my hours, but oh well. On the other hand, my baby gets to spend all day with my parents because Dr Daddy’s office is attached to his house and my mom is his receptionist. My mom is the baby’s primary care person during the day and that’s great! My mom and my baby love each other. The first day away from the little girl was rough but knowing she was with my mom made it easier.

Plus, I like being back at work. It’s nice feeling good at something tangible. Having my coworkers happy to see me because they missed my skill set is super! And I love my baby, but being able to use both my arms is welcomed again. Baby girl insisted on being held for most of my maternity leave. – which was a little rough when I wanted to do anything beyond baby snuggling!

So I’m back to work and enjoying spending time with the baby when I can (she goes to bed at 11 when I do… so I still see her plenty!)

All in all, I would say life is good!

Now… I just need to get back to running…

We're ready to roll! (These sunglasses cost 98 cents and totally crack me up!)

We’re ready to roll!
(These sunglasses cost 98 cents and totally crack me up!)


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