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Body Image – Part 2

I had a doctor’s appointment a week and a half ago… so I’m going to pretend that all of the information I’m spouting is current… and not delayed due to my own posting laziness. (Most of it’s the same, just not the weight gain part… but I don’t know how it’s changed)

Weight Gain: In the last month, since I last saw my doctor, I’ve gained 9 pounds! That brings her “official weight gain total” to 18 pounds! The suggested healthy weight gain (by week 40, I was only 25 weeks when I saw her) is 25 to 35 pounds… I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be on the high side…

My latest physical obsession: how shallow my belly button is getting! I knew it would happen (I’m still really hoping my belly button doesn’t become an outie – I HATE belly buttons), but it’s so weird to watch it happen. My belly button has always been pretty deep, at least I think so. It’s weird for it to seem so SHORT!

How I feel: pretty good actually! Had I written this right after seeing the doctor, I would have said great. Last night however, both on the couch and tossing and turning in bed, I started to feel like a turtle on its back – it’s getting harder to move around on my own!

Weird fact: The doctor told me that if Booger were born now, he/she would have a really good chance of survival. I still wouldn’t be able to take him/her home from the hospital until after the due date (end of May), but he/she would live! I find that so crazy, he/she is only a little more than half-baked! Stay in the oven, Booger!

(side note: the he/she stuff is weird. I think I’m just going to switch between the two at random – but know, we still don’t know the gender)

Best compliment I’ve received so far (although I totally don’t think it’s true): “You don’t even look pregnant from behind! I didn’t know until you turned around!” Thank you very much, sweet liar. I appreciate you trying to make me feel like I’m not carrying  1/2 of this baby weight on butt/back/hips/thighs!

If you’re looking for a nice way to compliment a pregnant friend, I totally recommend stealing that one! It made me feel good all day!

Moving: I’ve been feeling Booger moving for about a month now. My wonderful boyfriend has felt it all of the 3 times (and 2 of those were back to back). I swear anytime he puts his hand to my belly, the little Booger stops moving! 2 minutes after T removes his hand, I’m back to hosting a dance party. I wonder if it has anything to do with the soothing nature that T’s hand is always comfortably warm. Part of me thinks I’m already creating a brat though. Even the doctor got to feel a flip when she was chasing Booger around to hear his heartbeat!

Pictures: I PROMISE to get the hang of this by week 40!!!!

Week 25 (a bit more than 6 months pregnant). I thought the comparison might be fun, too.

Week 25 (a bit more than 6 months pregnant). I thought the comparison might be fun, too.


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  1. Glad things are going well! I don’t think that “you don’t look pregnant from behind” is something you would say if it wasn’t true.

  2. […] others are saying: Last time I mentioned a very sweet compliment I had received about not looking pregnant… well I think […]

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