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Fun with Rebus Puzzles!

As promised, here is an explanation as to why I haven’t been posting and why I haven’t been running. But I thought it would be more fun to make it a game than just to explain it (although, I will explain it more in my next post), so I’ve created a few rebus puzzles (I hope they make sense, as you’ll see I’m not awesome at this).

A rebus puzzle is the kind that uses pictures to depict words or parts of words, for example:

Eggs over easy

equals “Eggs Over Easy.”

So good luck! (I hope I did an ok job… actually, I don’t think these are actually rebus puzzles, but I can’t think of their actual name right now… hmmm…)




Knocked up


Baby Train

4. (For fans of Grease):

Missing Period

5. (and the easiest):

bun in the oven


See the answers here.


Remember When I Used to Run? Neither Do My Muscles!

Remember how this used to vaguely be a running/fitness blog? Remember how I used to post motivational things on Saturdays (and at other random points when I needed an extra boost)? Remember that? Wasn’t that fun?

What happened to that?

I put myself on the injured list right after the Run of the Bridesmaids (which is why I never recapped it… it made me sad), although it has absolutely nothing to do with that race (which was totally a lot of fun and I hope they do it again next year and I hope they recommend it as a fundraiser to other branches of Big Sisters of America around the country). But I’ll talk more about the injured list next week in a real post dedicated to it, I promise! (I just need to motivate myself to send out holiday cards first…)

Anyway, I haven’t really gone running since the end of September (my last run was a beautiful 9 miles up and down – a bit around – a mountain in Vermont).

However, Monday night I went to see the Patriot’s Game at Gillette Stadium (my sincere condolences to the Houston fans). It was supposed to rain on Monday night. My wonderful boyfriend and I aren’t exactly outdoorsy people, so we were a little hard pressed for waterproof shoes. He wore a pair of hiking boots that he hasn’t used in years (I’ve lived with him for years and I’ve never even seen them before) and I wore the boots I wear to shovel or tromp through snow in.

We parked about a mile and a half from the stadium and walked. No big deal… until we were half way there and had a shoe malfunction. The soles on T’s boots began to disintegrate (and eventually large parts fell off) and my boots were giving me some blisters. So we turned around, walked back to the car, and changed into our sneakers (not waterproof but it never rained, so it all worked out). We then picked up the pace on the way back to the stadium, hoping to see kick off (and we did).

Total for the night, we probably walked a solid 3.5 miles (possibly more… plus getting around the stadium). And we stood for most of the game… so what’s that, about 3 hours?

flab in mirror

I am embarrassed to admit how sore my ankles were even 2 days later! Holy cow! Someone is seriously out of shape!!!

So sad! I really need to motivate myself to hit the gym and get those muscles back to being muscles, instead of just decoration…

Buns of Jello

It’s going to happen! It’s going to happen soon! Just as soon as I get these holiday cards out… (if I were skilled enough to write messages and run on the treadmill at the same time, this would be a breeze!)


Shopping Locally

(I thought I posted this 2 weeks ago… oops! Sorry!)

Let me start by saying that I love online shopping. It’s so easy and convenient! My boss jokes that I should own stock in considering how much I love it (have you used their wishlist feature? I love it! I wish everyone I know had a public wishlist – it’s like a registry for life! If someone has a birthday coming up, I’d way rather get a gift they need/want than something random that I may love but they may hate… or already own!)

However, a local radio station played a PSA around Thanksgiving that really resonated with me and I thought I would share it. It was advocating for the idea of shopping locally and how valuable that can be for a local economy.

I think that’s a really common and basic concept, that shopping at local boutiques and shops legitimately help your neighbors. In my city, most of those local shops close before 6 pm (I get out of work at 6 pm), have no parking, and are so beyond my budget that it’s laughable. However, I don’t know that for certain… because they are inconvenient for me, I have never explored them. But I am determined to try this year. Who knows, I might find something really cool that I can actually afford!

Shop small

Something else the PSA said that I had never thought about was gifting certificates to local restaurants and pizza places. I don’t usually give gift certificates because they are no fun to unwrap… but I love locally owned places. They often are amazingly yummy with great ambiance. If you live in the New England area, I would recommend you check out the Phantom Gourmet‘s website – it can help you find new places to try or give you more information. It’s also helpful if you’re trying to find a place to meet someone in an area you don’t typically visit (ie you’re meeting a friend who lives far away at a place equidistant between you…)

difference in community

Finally, the radio station pointed out that even large chains can help your local economy. Physically shopping at the store is even helpful because that store employs the people in your neighborhood. If they have customers, they need employees, and those people are part of your local community. As opposed to buying something online, where the money goes to a warehouse who knows where… Buying online will help you employ people outside of your community…

The point the radio station was trying to make was that online shopping can be easy but you’re shipping your money into other communities instead of keeping any of it in your own community. That thought really stuck with me.

Community Finances

I’m not trying to preach to you or tell you what to do. But I’m really going to make an effort this year to not buy anything online, to actually visit stores. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to look up prices and sales online, but my wallet will be opening in front of a cashier and not my monitor.

Happy holiday shopping!

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