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Back to School – PhD vs Marriage

Good luck on your way back to school, students! I thought I’d throw a comic out to everyone on their way to higher learning.

This fall for me is all about 2 things. 1) Weddings! (and all of the stuff that goes with them: bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners. Note: for other people, I’m not getting married). 2) Sending in my PhD applications again. Woo! So I personally enjoy that this comic mixes the two!

Good luck, all!


Back to School – Homework

Good luck to all of the students going back to school! I thought this was pretty funny:

Back to School – Testing

I have a lot of strong feelings about standardized testing, but I’ll spare you. Instead, here is one of my favorite comics illustrating it.

Good luck this school year, students!

Back to School

I’m sorry for not posting a Saturday Morning Motivation… honestly, my goal for this weekend was to keep a smile on my face no matter how many times people hurt my feelings (unknowingly and not on purpose, I hope)… and that seems like a lame motivation. Was my weekend as bad as I anticipated? Yes. But there were at least a few shining moments and my boyfriend is wonderful to me… so at least there was that!

However, this is back to school week for my area! So even though I’m not going back to school this week, I thought I would dedicate a few posts to school because so many of my friends are teachers.

So here is the first one, for the teachers!

Good luck everyone! I hope you have a great school year!

Stupid Scale as Motivation

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a “casual runner.” I go out when I have free time and when I’m feeling like spending some quality time outdoors without getting a sunburn.

And last summer when I was constantly busy with grad school’s night classes and my job and all of that other jazz, I still found plenty of time to run because it was some great time to just decompress. Flash forward to this summer… and I don’t have the same motivation… or even the drive to run. Instead, I have a lot of drive to cuddle with my wonderful boyfriend who didn’t get enough attention while I was focused on completing my thesis.

However, last Monday morning, I stepped on the scale and saw a number that I find completely unacceptable. When I was in my teens (and very, very skinny – naturally, thank you genetics! – because I certainly wasn’t working for thin back then) I would tell myself that if I hit certain numbers as an adult, I wouldn’t be ok with them and I would become a gym bunny. And you know what? My teenaged self was an idiot! Those numbers came and went and it was totally fine. But this new number, that was completely out of the scope of imagination for my teenaged self, it’s not totally fine!

I am not ok with calling myself a casual runner and still gaining weight. Uh-uh, no way! So it’s time to ditch the “casual!”

There’s my new motivation: a number I simply don’t like.

But I’m still really enjoying the cuddling with the boyfriend at night, so how am I balancing it? I’ve changed my schedule. Let’s be real, I will never, NEVER be a morning person. But I do have a (free) gym in my office building, and I’m taking more advantage of it: at lunch!

I mentioned recently that I’ve gotten into using an elliptical and it’s really great for an afternoon work out. I found it hard to run in the middle of the day because I think of running in terms of distance. It’s almost (mentally) painful to quit without giving it my all. But with the elliptical, I view it as time spent. It’s much easier to just head down to the gym for 30 minutes than 5 miles (I can’t run 5 miles in 30 minutes). Any day I don’t have meetings in the afternoon, you’ll find me in the gym for lunch! I’m simply loving it!

A change of perspective can really change a lot. I’ve spent the past 7 days straight working out in some form: either the arc trainer at work, the elliptical on the weekends at my factory style gym, or the occasional run along the Charles River near my house. I’m totally loving it! The next two days will be rest days because of afternoon meetings though. They have been earned though! I had hiccups earlier in the week that were literally painful because of sore chest, back, and stomach muscles!

And I’m not saying that I want to lose a ton of weight. I’m happy with losing 5 pounds. But what I’m really focused on is that I don’t want to think I’m living an active lifestyle while actually gaining weight.

Thank you, scale, for the refreshed drive!

Foot Doctor or Mind Reader?

For the first time ever, I just saw a podiatrist. I always thought they were just for warts and bunions – whoa was I wrong! Now I think every runner should see one!

Let me back up a little. About a month ago, I saw my primary care physician for my annual check up. I mentioned to her that two of the toes on my left foot have been a little painful (in slightly unexpected places) after running and I wondered if she had any thoughts. She thought I should see a podiatrist. In my typical fashion, I brushed it off as “not really a big deal.” I don’t know if she’s one of people in my life who has figured out my self-effacing nature or not, but she immediately said “it might not be a big deal now, but who knows what it may become.” Curses, she had a very good point!

Therefore, I went to see this new doctor. I have VERY good health insurance, (thank you giant publishing company that is nice enough to employ me!) so why not take advantage of it, right?

He looked at my feet (plural) for no more than 90 seconds and already knew what was up.

I went for two toes on my left foot, and right off the bat he told me that my right foot was the problem… and then he proceeded to tell me all about myself in the most fascinating way.

  • “Your left leg is the stronger of the two.” (True, although I always thought it was because I’d had surgery on my right leg to remove a bone tumor)
  • “When you lean/stand on one leg, it’s almost always your left. (True!)
  • “You prefer wedges to a flat shoe.” (Well… sort of true. I have a bit of a love affair with converse-style sneakers… but I always walk on my toes, even when I’m barefoot)

He had another 12 of those fun insights. He blew my mind! And the reason my left toes hurt? Because they are doing extra work to compensate for my right foot!

So what’s the problem? When I explained this to my wonderful boyfriend, he didn’t quite understand me, so I hope I can do a better job explaining this here. In those 90 seconds of checking out my feet, Dr. Cooper “locked” my ankles. He basically stuck his thumbs in two specific spots on the front of my ankle. He said that my left foot falls within a “normal” variation – less than a 4% angle from the floor when locked. My right foot however, is over-pronated at 45% (so when the outside of my foot is on the ground, my big toe is still hanging out in the air). It does this to compensate for the fact that my right hip is slightly higher than my left hip… and my ankle dropped my foot so I could reach the floor.

Anyway, it can’t be fixed (because I’m older than 12 and no longer growing), just treated. I’ve had this for all of my (walking) past, and will continue to have it forever in the future.

I found this very interesting and I’m super glad I’ve never been a good little runner to have someone figure out my gait while buying shoes. I have a feeling that Dr. Cooper’s explanation is far superior to what the kid at the store would have told me.

So because I can’t realistically run in a neutral shoe on the left foot and a pronation shoe on the right, I’ll need some custom orthotic shoe inserts to balance me out (and make lots of minor aches and pains go away). I’ll have to save up for a little while because insurance won’t cover them, but I find it so intriguing.

So if my body is a series of blocks… my bottom-most block is tilted at a 45 degree angle…

Sorry for all of the podiatry jokes, but I like adding pictures to my posts and I don’t like feet!

Sunday Morning Snark – The Phone

Since yesterday’s motivation was about the joys of social interactions, I thought this might be appropriate for the counterpart’s snarkiness:

I also totally agree with the message! I’m TERRIBLE about listening to my voicemail. If I see that you’ve called, I’m just going to call you back, I’m not going to listen to the message. It’s lame, I know, but completely true.

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