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Saturday Morning Motivation – Obstacles

It’s been really hard for me lately to stop staring at obstacles. And by “staring at obstacles” I mean “watching obscene amounts of TV.” But I’ve been getting better at staying focused and working out, here’s hoping that trend will continue and improve!

Good luck to you this weekend!


Sunday Morning Snark – Grammar Matters

This doesn’t have anything to do with yesterday’s motivation; but I saw it on Facebook, loved it, and thought I would share. I hope you also get a kick out of it.

Saturday Morning Motivation – Adjust the Sails

In honor of going white water rafting today:

Good luck setting your own direction today!

This Weather is Demotivating!

It has been too long since I last posted! And I really need to update you all on everything… unfortunately, it’s been the kind of weather that just makes me want to melt into a puddle on the floor. I live near Boston and it has been in the high 90s the last 3 days with about 80% humidity. If you’re from the south or maybe even the midwest, you’re probably thinking “…and?” And you’re right, you probably live this every day. It reminds me of a few winters ago, Florida had temps of like 30 degrees and I was thinking “so?” but that’s when I realized, they have high schools that involve court yards and crossing from one building to another… and can’t avoid the weather by just hanging out in one, nicely connected building. They don’t have all the winter gear that fills my house. 30° is cold to them! And 98° feels like death for me because we’re not equipped!

My blood is too thick, we don’t have built-in shady spots, parking garages are rare, etc. When I drove past the bus stop this morning, an older woman literally looked like she was about to faint! Ugh, it’s bad. It’s the kind of weather where we all vaguely smell of asparagus (even if we showered right before we left the house). But it’s supposed to be glorious again (in the mid-high 70s) next week so I’ll stop my belly aching!

Even though it’s been hot, I’ve been visiting the gym in my office building (it’s not a reason to delay walking to my hot car at the end of the night… no….). I’ve run 16.5 miles so far this week (and I even lifted weights for 45 minutes!). Which isn’t much for some, but it’s good for me lately.

What’s really motivating me to hit the gym? I remembered that I have a 10k in two weeks and I haven’t trained hard enough! Time to kick it up!

I promise, next week, to update you on the Haircut! (which I did do! Over 12 inches cut off!) And the Relay for Life that T and I did together last Friday. This weekend we’re going white water rafting!

Yay adventure!

I’m pretty sure I originally found this at (check her out, she’s very funny!)

Murphy’s Law for Runners

I’m borrowing this infographic from John at Fit For a Year. John always has some great infographics, check him out. He originally found it at I think it’s really funny so I thought I would share:

My favorite is the one about as soon as you take a walk break, someone you know will drive past. Which one is your favorite?

Where to Send Hair?

Hello! I’d love your opinion!

I’ve decided to cut my hair off this Friday. I’ve been wanting to cut it for months now and I’ve finally found the time. I’m planning to cut a lot off. Here is a picture taken about a month ago (right before we all graduated… so we’re being a little silly):

Long hair. I’m second from the left.

 And this is the length I’m planning to go for (from a few years ago):

Oddly standing in front of a window… and the hair on the other side of my head is pulled back (not missing)

 BIG difference!

My hair is so long because I am lazy and just don’t get it cut. Once it’s a certain length, it just lives in a ponytail or bun anyway and it’s easy to ignore. And to be honest, I was really digging my “running hair:” a powerful ponytail swaying behind me. But my hair has gotten so long (and heavy) that my hair just hangs in a low ponytail down my back, stuck to my back sweat, too heavy to be supported by 2 elastics. Sexy, I know. But it’s finally long enough to be donated so that’s what I’m doing! I donated it 2 years ago as well.

Here’s where I need you. Two years ago, I donated it to Locks of Love. Now I’m hearing that they are controversial and I should donate it to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths or Wigs for Kids. The reason that Locks of Love is considered controversial is because:

  •  They don’t use all of the hair for wings. Lots of the hair gets tossed because it doesn’t meet the requirements (length, not dyed, etc) or because it’s moldy. I know my hair will be long enough, my hair is completely untreated (please see my lazy comment from above), and as long as it’s not moldy when I mail it, it should be fine.
  • Locks of Love sells some of their hair to defray their operating costs. Should this bother me? I’m torn.
  • Many of their wigs go to children with alopecia not cancer. This doesn’t bother me at all, hair loss is hair loss.
  • They charge their recipients on a sliding scale based on income. This bothers me.
  • Here’s an article that explains it better than I do from the NY Times

Here’s a quick set of differences between Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love that I found on this blog:

  • Pantene’s minimum donation requirement is 8 inches of hair.  Locks of Love’s minimum is 10 inches but will accept shorter pieces and sellthem to offset the manufacturing costs of the hairpieces.
  • Pantene’s wigs benefit women whose hair loss is attributed to cancer.  Locks for Love’s  wigs are sold to children under 21 with hair loss resulting from any array of factors.
  • Pantene does not accept hair that is more than 5% gray.  Locks of Love accepts gray hair, which they also sell.
  • Pantene does not charge for the wigs, no matter what the recipient’s economic status.  Locks of Love does not provide all of its hairpieces for free.  According to its website, prices for human-hair wigs are set on a sliding scale based on the recipient’s family income.

For more information, please visit their respective websites. (Glamamom got this information from their websites)

Someone else suggested finding someone who builds wigs (for regular sale), selling my hair there, and then donating that money to a cancer charity. I wouldn’t even know the first thing about going about that!

What do you think? I’m leaning towards Beautiful Lengths because they give the wigs away for free. But I don’t know if I’m missing something and they also have controversy….

First Group Training Session

This post is a week late but… last Sunday was great! I worried about the group training for the Diva Dash obstacle course for nothing! It all really did work out. Six women showed up to run together. Conveniently, 3 of us considered ourselves to be runners and 3 considered themselves “woggers” (walk-joggers, as it was explained). It was great. We would all run or jog for about 1/2 a mile. Us faster ladies would do lunges or various other things as we waited for the slower ladies, we’d all walk for about 1/2 a mile and then begin again. It was actually really nice.

I’m super excited to continue training with them because the 2 other runners are a bit faster than I am. Not so much that I lost them, but fast enough that I felt like I was chasing them a little. Plus, at one point, I was walking with the joggers when we picked up the pace so I had to sprint to catch up with the fast ladies. It was a nice variety.

I know I probably sound a little dopey, but this is the first time that I’ve ever run with other people! Typically I do my own thing. (Not including races… where other people exist but we don’t interact)

Plus, in order to run with them, I had to drive about 45 minutes, which means: a new running path! This one was also tree-laden, next to a pond, and totally lovely (no running next to grocery stores and bus stops that far out!). It had WAY more hills than I remember though. To be honest, those hills were a lot of work, but I loved every single second of it! There were also a ton of giant puddles because it had rained all weekend! We considered them obstacle training and jumped over them. I was actually a really good jumper: not getting muddy is great motivation because I’m PRISSY! When I was in the 8th grade, I was on the track team for like 6 weeks. It was an indoor track and you had to run around it 13 times to run a mile! It was dreadful! I tried hurdles. For about a week, I felt awesome jumping over them. And then one day, I hooked my foot on one and landed face first. It was stellar…. After that, I was too afraid to even try again (yep, I was a big ol’ quitter!) And I eventually quit track because it was just no fun (and I SUCKED!) But it was cool to run and jump the puddles this past weekend. It almost makes me want to try hurdles again… but on some grass, not the cement gym floor again.

I felt this awesome, although I don’t think I looked this awesome. This photo is from the REI website.

At the end of the loop, while waiting for the slower ladies, I drew a line in the dirt with my foot. Then I hopped (with both feet) back and forth over the line, traveling down it (it was about 10 feet). I was pretty sure the Shape magazine training guide suggested something like this. We all ended up doing it a few times. On my last go around, I totally sprained my right ankle! Boo! It felt bad enough that I couldn’t support all of my weight (and thus made stretching a little rough), but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t hobble out to my car. It was also feeling fine by Tuesday and I managed to go for a 2.5 mile run before it complained.

One other downside though was for one of the “woggers.” I didn’t even think about it, but she’s dreadfully afraid of dogs… and this was basically a dog walking park! There were so many dogs! But they were all so well-behaved! Afterall, they are just excited to be there, they don’t care about the other people who happen to be in their park. I live in a tiny apartment so I don’t have a dog, but I LOVE them! If a friendly dog walked by anytime we were stopped, I was all about petting them (if they were into it). But poor Jodi would scream and run off. I felt terrible! I’ll have to invite the group out to my part of the state… where there are fewer dogs on my paths.

Where I see a smile, she sees the teeth… From

We all cancelled this (most recent) Sunday… but I hope we can stick with it, I really like having running buddies (and you all live too far away!) 🙂

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