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Where Do You Put It?

Hello wonderful readers! I need your help!

The Run to Home Base is this Sunday and I’m already starting to worry a bit. My first concern when I signed up for the run was that iPods aren’t allowed! I love listening to music while running: it keeps my pace up and my negative voices at bay. Luckily, the wife of one of T’s friends ran this race last year (and will be running it again this year) and she told me that actually tons of people run this with ear phones, they are just discrete about it. She told me to run with the headphone wires under my shirt and I should be fine. Yay!

Here’s a snag in that though, I always run with my iPod in my hand, it just makes sense to me to hold it. But, knowing that I can’t do that for this race, I experimented with placement during last night’s run. I run with a 4-year-old Nano (oh, yeah, I’m hip…) and it lives inside an Otterbox Armor case (because I’m desperately afraid of destroying the fragile iPod).

This is what the back of the case looks like

I started off by clipping it to my shorts pocket (with the iPod basically inside my pocket). That was crazy uncomfortable (and super unstable) and I was afraid it would fall out and smash on the ground. So I clipped it to my waistband. That worked really nicely… or so I thought. While it was stable, it also gave me a friction burn. This stupid burn is 3 inches long on my right hip and totally hurts! 😦

So I won’t be trying that again.

I also own an armband that a friend gave me. Unfortunately the arm band is 1) enormous and 2) made for an iPhone. I’ve used it before, but had to tuck tissues in around the nano so it wouldn’t bounce around. Because it doesn’t fit, it randomly changes songs (which drives me CRAZY!). So it’s an option, but not the ideal option…

When I showed T the burn this morning, he asked if I want to buy an iPod shuffle that I can just clip to my collar and go. It took me FOREVER to buy the nano (I am such a SLOW adopter of technology… and I work at a publishing company that produces tech magazines! I’m so lame). So it seems a little crazy to me that I should own 2 iPods…

What do you think? Where do you clip yours? Instead of working with what I have, should I buy a new arm band or a Shuffle? What do you recommend?

On a sidenote, I would like to thank Nicole M. for her donation! I’m guessing that she’s a reader because I don’t know her in real life. But she actually lives in a town where I run! (on longer runs, I technically run through 3 towns because I live on the border with 2 other towns) Small world! Nicole, who is a stranger as far as I know, made the largest single donation and suffers from my brand of crazy, so I’d like to thank her on two fronts! What’s the crazy, you ask? I had raised $795, she donated $105, thus rounding it up to an even $900! I’m like that as well, I love making things even numbers. So thank you, Nicole! I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you did!

Comments on: "Where Do You Put It?" (3)

  1. I vote to tuck it discretely (anywhere) at the start of the race and then pull it out and put it in your hand shortly after the gun goes off. My guess is that the reason races discourage people wearing them is because they want you to hear the environment around you – not because of visible wires and hardware. 🙂
    All the best! Look forward to your recap. And congrats on your fund-raising efforts!

    • Thanks, Jill! You’re totally right! I wish I had seen this before the run or had even thought of that! Oh well, now I own a new armband for my ipod, and I really like it… so I guess things worked out. 🙂

  2. […] running disaster… seriously, I have hurt myself TWICE with my ipod! Lame! The first time was a few months ago, before the Run to Home Base, where I scraped my hip like crazy just on my ipod case! So my mother […]

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