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Sunday Morning Snark – Focus

I’ve written 40% of my graduate thesis, but I feel like this:

If you’re looking for something fun to distract you, may I suggest the web comic Angry Little Girls? It’s where I found this cute cartoon.

Good luck if you’re trying to have an industrious Sunday!


Saturday Morning Motivation – Make the Best

Good luck today!

Silly Pictures… examples

I mentioned this morning that I’m in a silly picture phase. (I hope it lasts forever) But I thought maybe I should give a better set of examples. So I’m sharing some pictures from this summer, specifically, my best friend’s wedding. She’s the lovely bride and I’m the silly maid of honor.

Formal photo:

Silly photo:

Now I ask you, which two girls would you rather be friends with? Personally, I would choose the latter. (side note, I have no idea why her photographer couldn’t place us in the center of either photo)

I just wish I was more creative with silly faces…

Ten Tales of T – Day 5 – Fav Photo

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I’m dedicating 10 posts to him. Check out the first one (with more explanation).

This is my very first, favorite photo of us.  This picture was taken at the farewell dinner while we were studying in London, we flew home 2 days later. The crown on my head (and the streamer) is from one of the holiday crackers. They distributed the crackers with desert, and we all got a little crazy with them.

Holiday Cracker example

This picture is also where I really started my “silly picture” phase. After a semester of smiling in everyone’s pictures, I was sick of it, I wanted silly pictures! I still love silly pictures and most people who have taken a picture with me in the last decade know it (it’s gotten particularly worse in the last 3 years, I would say).  My thought is: would you rather see a plastic smile on everyone’s face or see everyone having fun? I vote for having fun! The silly pictures make me laugh every time I see them. Plus, at my memorial service when I’m gone, I’d prefer 80% silly pictures of me! I’d prefer to be remembered for having enjoyed my time!

In this picture, you can’t quite tell, but I’m licking T’s face. And the reason I love this picture is because of his expression. To me, it completely reads as “yes, I know she’s ridiculous… and yet, I find her irresistible!” 🙂

Our relationship is still totally like this picture. He knows I rock the “crazy-pants” but he loves me passionately anyway (in spite of my “crazy-pants” behavior? hmm… because of!).

Ten Tales of T – Day 4

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend, I’m dedicating 10 posts to him and our relationship. If you want to read the first three days, you can check them out here, here, and here.

For today’s post, I’m going to jump ahead in time a bit (about a year and half) from the last post. This is one of my all time favorite memories even though it’s about a really lousy day. But it was the first time I could clearly see how much I loved T and how glad I was that he was in my life and how wonderfully he treated me.

He and I both studied abroad in London together for a semester. At our school, our London study abroad program was a little different from any of the other study abroad programs offered by the school. The juniors and seniors in the theater department pretty much just picked up and moved to London along with a professor every other year. The school rented out an entire hostel, rented classrooms at the University of London, and hired a few teachers. And then we watched a LOT of theater (as in 6 days a week… it was a lot and exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything). The group was mostly theater majors, but we picked up a few stragglers too, a few english majors, dance majors, etc. And that year, we picked up one really cute architect who claimed he wanted to learn more about theaters and their architecture… but let’s be real, he just wanted to hang out with me. I thought it was really sweet (I think he regrets it a little because it threw off his education and he graduated late… but he got a long-term girlfriend out of the deal so I don’t know if he regrets it at lot).

T with the Tower Bridge... taken on actual film and pretty lousy lighting... sorry about that!

For class, we had to go see some really large (and famous) street market, although the name escapes me now, that was only open on weekends. A group of us piled onto the Tube to go across London. After about 30 seconds on the Tube, I started to feel terribly sick.

Just as a general note, I passed out a lot in high school… as my form of PMS. Some women get cramps, I pass out at really inopportune times in public. Birth control normally keeps that in check, but for some stupid reason I decided I didn’t want to take it in London (opting for other forms of birth control). Does anyone else do that? Hate the way your birth control pill makes you feel so you go off it only to go running back in a month? I’ve done that a few times in my life and this was the stupidest time, by far.

Anyway, back to the story with me feeling dizzy on the Tube. We had to change trains (to a different line) and when we went to do that, I KNEW I couldn’t make the rest of the trip. I don’t really remember how it went down, but poor T ended up having to carry me out of the underground station, up a flight of stairs and everything. (Thank goodness we were young, so I was still skinny and he was still pretty buff!) We waited outside for a while hoping that would get rid of the dizziness, but it didn’t. He called for a cab to take us back across town to our hostel.

And then things got worse… I threw up along the side of the cab (sticking my head out the window) while we’re driving down the street. The cabbie didn’t hide the fact that he HATED us and thought I was some hungover American (which I wasn’t… American, yes. Hungover, no).

When we finally got back to our building, T escorted me up 4 flights of stairs to my room, helped me take off the pukey clothes (I may have gotten some mess all over my sweatshirt), and put me to bed. Then he went back down to the cabbie, and brought buckets of water so T could clean my puke off the car. He apologized profusely and tipped triple the fee. We were both so embarrassed.

Once the cabbie wasn’t as angry, T came back up to me and held my hand for hours while I took a nap. He never complained or said anything negative. He was just 100% sweet.

This memory just sums up so much of T’s personality for me. He’s selfless, sweet, caring, and he always takes such good care of me! I’m immeasurably glad that he came along to London and that he was there for me when I got sick.

We're on the left. We got to spend some time hanging out in the National Theatre's costume warehouse. It was the coolest thing ever! I think we're all wearing costumes from the Wind in the Willows. Out of the 9 rolls of film I shot while in London, there are only 5 pictures of both of us together!

Sunday Morning Snark – Easter

Normally, I try to make my Saturday Morning Motivation and my Sunday Morning Snark fit together… but it’s Easter! To anyone who is celebrating the religious version: Happy Easter for its intended joys! For anyone celebrating the bunnies and eggs and jelly bean version, I hope you enjoy this silly post!


A few of these came from cartoonist Mark Parisi, who creates a comic called Off The Mark. If you found these funny, you should check out his website (or find him in your local newspaper’s comic section):

Happy Easter!

(My favorite is the Egg Dying Contest, which one is your favorite?)


Saturday Morning Motivation – Learning

This weekend is all about research for me! (woo homework!)

I love this sentiment!

What is your weekend going to be all about? What do you consider yourself to be passionately curious about?

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