Reasons to get out of bed…

A Game of Cat and Mouse

I wish I had a picture for you or even a video, but alas, I don’t. However, I still want to share the ridiculous image of my night. My black cat was chasing a tiny mouse around the backyard. I was chasing the cat (chasing the mouse) around the backyard… in socks… with a flashlight so I could actually see the cat! Oh, and yelling “come back or you’ll get eaten by a coyote!” (There are posters along my running path warning that coyotes are in the area eating small house pets such as cats and little dogs – yes, I do live in a VERY close suburn to Boston… who knew coyotes were so metropolitan?). Plus while I’m running around in socks, waving a flashlight, chasing the cat, chasing the mouse, yelling about coyotes, I’m also waving his filled dinner bowl around trying to lure him to an already dead dinner.

Oh the ridiculous things I’ll do at night to get my cat back in the house.

Thank goodness it was dark or my neighbors would have had tickets to see the best clown show in town!


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