Reasons to get out of bed…

I went running outside this past weekend and I’m in the best mood because of it!

I would typically consider myself to be a “trail runner.” Although I should mention that I live in a pretty urban environment… so the closest thing I find to a trail is paved… but it’s near a river and there are some trees! I count it! (and I ignore the apartment buildings and grocery store and bus stop on the other side of me). If I lived somewhere more rural, I’d totally be running on paths through woods, etc. I also refuse to run on the sidewalk down the street (I mean… I do… but only for the 1/4 mile to get to the trail) – there is no way you’ll find me willingly running down the sidewalk on main street (or any of the other busy streets near me). So… because of my obstinance, I’ve been forced to run inside this winter. It’s too dark when I get home from work. And it’s cold and I’m a giant wuss when it comes to cold! Oh, and I’m not a morning person; nope, nope, nope.

But finally, this past weekend felt like spring. When I noticed it, I simply had to strap on my sneakers and head outside. What motivated me was the feeling of missing something great.

A few things I realized when I was out there:

  • I probably should have brought gloves and earmuffs… it wasn’t THAT warm! It was only about 40°F.
  • I never run in cold weather… my lungs didn’t know how to breathe! I was actually wheezing and coughing for HOURS after coming home, but luckily it passed without a problem.
  • I took off a LOT of time this winter! Whoa, out of shape!
  • I have MISSED my trail!

It was a pathetic run overall… as in, I only ran about 1/2 a mile before needing to walk. But that 1/2 a mile was the fastest I have ever run on the trail, so thank you treadmill boredom that made me increase my speeds. So I walked, and ran, and walked, and ran. All in all, it was like when I first started last year… I’m pretty sure it even took me my old speed to complete the 5 mile loop (based on how far I made it through my iPod’s playlist).

Sadly, I limped home… which was a new development. The back of my left knee was screaming, which is weird, because my left knee never hurts (and if it does, the right hurts worse). My hips used to hurt together… and then my ankles… but those strengthened up. My LEFT side has never hurt before my right side. I’ve had surgery on my right leg… so it’s always the weak one. I’m SHOCKED the left knee hurt (and it hurt for DAYS)… over-compensating maybe?

Also, my upper back hurt a little. That’s easy to understand though, those muscles got lazy having the cup holders on a treadmill. My arms haven’t had to carry my iPod nor water bottle in months.

It feels really good to be out there again! I’m so looking forward to spring!



Comments on: "Sneakers Pounding Pavement Again!" (2)

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