Reasons to get out of bed…

The queen of being over committed strikes again!

I swear, I’m terrible at saying no when people offer me exciting opportunities. I literally have a thought process that goes “Ooo this is neat, oh but I don’t have time, but it would be neat… hmm… yes… it would be neat… how can I make time… well, if I don’t sleep… or I’m never home… or….hmm… I’ll do it, because it would be neat.” And then the little voice of sanity just starts to cry because she has clearly lost and knows that life won’t be easy for a while.

So, I’ve added something else to my already full plate (clearly, I see life as a buffet). I have mentioned before that I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and I’m a full-time grad student… well, now I’m also directing two plays (although one of them technically counts as my thesis project… because that makes it better, right?).  

I have a life rule that I usually try to keep to for my own sanity’s sake… but I know this past weekend was the end of that rule for a while. I call it the “No pants on Sundays” rule. Now, by “no pants” I just mean no dress pants or jeans. I can still wear sweatpants/lounge pants/pajama pants. Since I’m so busy, I can’t really have a “day of rest” but I can at least try for a “day of comfort” while I’m running around doing errands or whatever. However, now my Sundays will be filled with directing (one play for adults, one play for students). I think the adults would be fine with the “no pants” rule, but I feel like I should look respectable when directing 6-12 graders…

I’m back to having a “killer calendar.” Note, I WANT to do all of these things, which is what makes it all so hard. Here is my upcoming schedule, although I’m going to start with this past Saturday because it seems more intimidating (also, please assume Monday-Friday I work 9-6, although I had MLK off this Monday):

  • Saturday: Brunch celebrating a friend’s birthday, evening was a Playoff football game
  • Sunday: Lunch with grad school friends (including one who just got hit by a taxi cab and shattered his knee – he was still very upbeat)
  • Monday: Visit with friends, one of whom just had a baby 2 months ago.
  • Tuesday: Class!
  • Wednesday: Directors’ meeting
  • Thursday: Auditions
  • Friday: I thought all last week that I was seeing a play on Friday… but it’s next week. So I get A NIGHT OFF!
  • Saturday: working my part-time job
  • Sunday: Auditions

Woo! Busy!

The goal for every week day is to be out of the house during approximately these hours: 7:45 am – 11 pm. We’ll see how well I’m fairing by the end of the week!

Also, do you see time in there for running? Neither do I… 😦  I’d run during lunch but I already have lunch plans/meetings all week.


Comments on: "Over Committed… I Should BE Committed" (2)

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