Reasons to get out of bed…

Well… my vacation happened and it was glorious!

Besides running all over the state for Christmas, going skiing for a day in New Hampshire, and going to a football game, I didn’t really do much.

Before my week off started, I had all of these grand dreams about reorganizing the dvds, cleaning out the medicine cabinet, running and blogging every day. What did I end up doing? A whole lot of this:

I was the queen of the unproductive for an entire week! (actually… the queen of the unproductive would still have to do something, right? If this were a musical about not being productive, I’d be third chorus girl from the left, and I might have forgotten about rehearsal). I didn’t go running ONCE! I didn’t clean… well… anything out of the ordinary (I still did laundry and all of that).

It was fabulous! Yes, I feel a little guilty about not doing anything, but I certainly enjoyed sleeping late and reading for pleasure!

Now, back to real life!

Comments on: "Back in the Swing of Things" (1)

  1. I love the cat pic.

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