Reasons to get out of bed…

Ugly Sweater Party

With all that was going on last week, I’m pretty proud of myself for finding some time to find an ugly sweater for my company’s “Ugly Sweater Holiday Party.” Even being crazy busy, I was still able to find something pretty sweet:

It looks a little better when it's not laying across a chair...


The eBay photo (where I found it around midnight a few days before the party)

Now, by no means did I win for ugliest sweater. Some people covered theirs in ornaments, bows, bells, garland, door knockers, and the heads from Santa dolls. Those were pretty fabulous! I don’t have any pictures that do them justice though…


They looked so much better in person (two of the sweaters lit up too)

It was a really fun party theme though. I think next holiday season, I might try to host one with my friends. Friends: consider this my expectations! 🙂
When my boyfriend (who had no idea about the party) first saw my sweater in the kitchen, his first thought was “Oh, please tell me she didn’t seriously wear that to work!” I’m glad he thinks I might have. I didn’t even wear at work until I walked into the conference room for the party! I sit on a different floor though… the people around me were not part of the party…
Although I would never wear it seriously, I do think the snowmen are cute.

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