Reasons to get out of bed…

I’m running another 5k tomorrow, and just like the first one, I’m crazy nervous.

Mainly, I’m nervous about clothing choices. According to, it’s supposed to feel like it’s 29 degrees tomorrow morning when I start my run. I don’t really know how many layers I should be wearing for that. I’m afraid I’ll be too cold while I stand around waiting for the run to start and then too hot 1/2 mile into it. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. My dad thinks that if I get too hot, I should just shed gloves/a hat/my fleece jacket at the one mile mark when I run past him so he can pick it/them up for me and have them at the finish line for me. It’s certainly a possibility. I just don’t know how he’ll get around the other runners.

I’m doing the same thing that I did last time when it comes to spectators. I’m going to position my dad and my boyfriend at the one mile mark and then have them take a short cut up to the finish line so they can cheer me on there too. I think that will help motivate me like it did last time.

(not my actual family)

I’m keeping my goals in check this time around as well. Just like last time, I’m just hoping to finish and to have run the entire time. I don’t think I’ll make a personal best (I’m going with the British version of this, “personal record” seems silly to me, I’m not a “making and breaking records” kind of girl). This course is very hilly where as the other one was “flat and fast.” I don’t run hills so I know this will be a challenge for me.

Another challenge/fear: I typically run in the evening. My muscles are already warmed up by then, I’ve had plenty of food and plenty of water. This run starts at 9 am. Not only am I not a morning runner, I’m not a morning person. I would rather run at 2 am than 7 am… I’m waking up early tomorrow just with the goal of eating breakfast and drinking enough water to expel it (go to the bathroom) before I leave the house. I hope I’m a functioning human being by 9 am!

See you on the other side!


Comments on: "Getting Nervous for Another 5K" (3)

  1. Been waiting for your race recap! Hope your race went okay.

  2. […] mentioned before that I’m not a morning person and I was worried about eating and drinking enough. My alarm […]

  3. […] about the cause. I’m also a little nervous about the run, as I was with the others, here and here. For very different reasons though. I’m not worried about making a good time, the website […]

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