Reasons to get out of bed…

I talk about running a lot on this blog, but I’m actually really busy with a lot of things. When I originally thought about doing a blog, I thought it would mostly be about motivation to do all of the crazy things that life throws at me. So let me return to that for a moment.

Here is what’s going on besides work (40-50 hours) this week:

  • Monday: Class (home around midnight)
  • Tuesday: Running (home at 8:30 pm)
  • Wednesday: Workshop for class (earliest I would be home would be 10:30 pm, last week I was home at 1 am…)
  • Thursday: Running
  • Friday: seeing a play
  • Saturday: homework (including writing 8 pages and freaking out because I don’t know what the professor wants on those 8 pages)… hopefully getting in a 5 mile run as well…
  • Sunday: going to the Aquarium with my boyfriend’s family in the afternoon and celebrating my mom’s birthday at night.

And I would say that’s a pretty average week for me.

I would like to say that I’m motivated by Thanksgiving next week and knowing that I have tons to “do nothing” time coming up… but that’s not true. I have a giant “to do” list for that week, so I know I’ll still be busy, busy, busy.

So what is motivating me? I would say, in life, these are my 3 major motivators:

  • Obligations (if something is on my calendar, it just has to be done)
  • Habit (I have to go to class… that’s what I’ve done every Monday night for a year and a half)
  • Fear of failing to live up to my word… (I know this is very similar to obligations, but the word “fail” is frightening to me and I know it’s stupid, but if I fail to do anything, even show my mom some love, it haunts me)

Plus, I still whole-heartedly believe that “an object in motion stays in motion” applies to people as well. At this stage in life, I’m in motion and its hard to stop. Just like I’m sure it would be hard to start for someone who isn’t in motion. Inertia can get to you…

So that’s how I’m getting through this week. Heck, that’s how I’m getting through the end of this year!

What motivates you to do your daily obligations?


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  1. […] have also mentioned a ton of times that I believe that “an object in motion stays in motion” also applies to people. […]

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